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Biographical Sketch Key Personnel:

Input from long standing Contributors and Stockholders might add to this Feasibility Study, see resumes on

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Karl W. Guenther – CEO – Sky Train –PI for Grants    

2599 Dolly Bay Dr. Suite 308, Palm Harbor, FL. 34684

(727) 939-2177 (Cell) (727) 409-2213(Fax) (727)- 939-1271 


Summary of qualifications

An accountable, accomplished manager, possessing a high mechanical aptitude, with a solid history of professional contributions in social, government, management, information systems, equipment design and innovation. A leader, team oriented and hands on in the full spectrum of research, experimentation, and process definition of products. Implementing increased reliability, decreased costs and inventories, including massive increases in the production of a quality product.

Work experience

Sky Train Corporation (STC) - Clearwater, FL                                                     1995 - Present

Chief Executive Officer – FDOT listed Transportation Consultants, Licensed Engineering Firm with patent protection for three advancements in suspended rail with 63 approved claims. Developed 3 additional pending disclosures in Overhead Supported Light Rail Systems; covering electronics, lower cost switching for the patented systems and other enhancing features. One innovation increases speed on curves by up to 1/3 over tilt trains and also elimination of troublesome, complex, heavy, energy consuming tilt-mechanisms.

Currently, pursuing transportation strategy to establish monorail installations. Funding from government is requested to establish a monorail installation at Tampa’s Museum Of Science and Industry, to be expanded over the Greater Tampa Bay Area. Originally funded by a Technological Research Development Authority (TRDA) grant, achieved patent protection and building a 1/6 size computerized operating vehicle that demonstrates reduced energy needs, innovative structures which improve safety in hurricanes and floods.

A recent document of the effects of the No-Name Storm during our Marina Crane design on Sky Train outlines the lasting effects of such an event on our designs making Sky Train a FEMA solution. We have identified a list of 38 specific features where STC matches, adds or exceeds performance over competing modes of transportation. It is classified as an energy saving solution to transportation by several associations including Florida’s TRDA and the Energy Venture Fair VII in Silicon Valley CA. STC has also been peer reviewed and listed by the National Science Foundation as notable for system development. A brochure.pdf and web sites further explain our products.

Suncoast Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. - Safety Harbor, FL.               1992 - 1996    

President - A custom Design and Build Machining and Fabrication operation. Worked with major corporations on various projects:

Inex Vision Systems, Div. of Barry Wehmiller Corp. Re-designed and manufactured Pro-Laser bottle automated inspection machines. Delivered two machines per month.

Honeywell: Designed Freon (CFC) Reclamation equipment, also Manufactured the Encapsulation system for 10 PIGA Mechanical Accelerometer.

Conax FL.: Value engineered and fabricated Inspection and Process Gauging duplication for manufacturing in Japan.

Unival Div. of American Signal: Designed and built automated testing equipment for commercial valves.

Suncoast Marina Inc. Hernando Beach, FL.                                                    1987 - 1994

As owners, operated with wife Nancy a Marina Complex (Suncoast Fisheries Inc.), consisting of DBA’s (Suncoast Engineering & Machining), a Design & Build Machining Operation (Suncoast Marina), Marine Repair, (Sea K’s) a Seafood Restaurant with Liquor License. Suncoast Marina was also a wholesale retail seafood operation supplying Ice, Fuel and boat storage with 22 employees.

Highlights were: Negotiated with the County Government on codes compliance, bringing the oldest marina in the county to specification. Was selected by business owners to the Hernando County Committee of 100.

G.A.T.M.: We facilitated an expansion of their manufacturing operation from $6 to $22 million in a six-month period. We continued operating “Suncoast Engineering & Machining Inc.” it had had been relocated to Safety Harbor two years earlier and tripled in size with sophisticated (CNC), Computer Operated Machines. It was then renamed Sky Train Corporation (STC) in 1995 and reorganized for research.

Actron Engineering Corporation, Largo, FL.                                           1986 - 1987

General Manager - Sheet metal manufacturing for medical and military manufacturers. An analysis of the situation after five years of losses determined the requirement of first changing the family’s management style. With my previous experience in organizational philosophy Actron was reorganized with new procedures, communications and the organization revamped with a formal long-range plan including equipment needs, greatly pleasing their concerned Bankers. The results after six months were; qualities increase and sales and shipments by 33% causing it to becoming profitable.

New initiatives were interaction with Honeywell on prototype manufacturing for the new Ring Laser Gyro System and with General Defense Systems Inc. in the Wind shear Detection Prototypes, supplying ideas, sheet metal and welded components. Products are high quality military and medical components.

American Manufacturing Service Inc.  Engineering Consultants           1980 – 1986

AMS Inc, Owner - Manufacturing Consultant for the sale and purchase of manufacturing equipment.  Consulting for Aluminum Fabricated Products, (boat fuel tanks) to double production from $4.5 million in one year’s time. This was accomplished by modifying workflow, adding equipment and a plant expansion.

Machinery Wholesalers of Central Florida Inc.                                           1979 - 1986

A franchise office that sold machinery assisted by Headquarters in Miami. It had 26 offices throughout the US. We handled used and new manufacturing equipment; I was the Kawaguchi Molding Press Rep for Florida. Our office generally maintained the highest franchise percentage in closings and profitability.

It was my strategy to be welcome in most plants of buyers and sellers until we could find a Business that would be a good profitable market, utilizing my wide machining and management experience.

Commercial Cam Div. (CAMCO) of Emerson Electric, Chicago, IL.        1972 – 1979

After the purchase by Emerson to establish rankings for fitting positions, which resulted in test results in the 98 percentile in Space Perception of Graduate Engineers, was promoted to Materials Manager and Corporate Packaging Manager. Infusion of cash allowed the purchase of new technology for manufacturing equipment. Also, after the purchase of the below company, we maintained Division standings; as in top two out of fifty-two divisions in growth and profit. The position required Management of production, inventory control, purchasing, bar stock and assembly supplies, shipping and receiving of a two-plant operation.

Infusion of cash and hiring a Manager of Information Systems (MBA U of Chicago) allowed our flowcharting and programming using a new IBM computer to suit our product. This allowed “cycle counting of inventory” reducing inventories to only one per year greatly reducing on time deliveries. This allowed us to manage a recession and to overtake the major competitor at its end. They where later purchased, allowing domination of the world market.

By maintaining accurate computerized delivery projections, a close contact with sales and a large rep-organization to assisting in customer satisfaction gained further profitable monthly growth in shipments. Implemented and responsible for two new plant workplace layouts and moves for expansion with increased productivity the last one being a move into the new “Skill Saw” Corporate World Headquarters. Sales grew from $4.5 to $16.5 million, a compound growth rate of 18% including a recession midway, resulting in layoffs of some 40% of management staff.

Commercial Cam Corporation, Chicago, IL.                                                1967 - 1972

Engineering Manager – Starting with the management of a new President recently graduated, MBA University of Chicago. Qualified by being a seasoned Graduate in Industrial Engineering in one of the top rated Illinois Institute of Technology Universities and also a Licensed Instructor of Standardized Methods of Time Applications (MTM) certified by the University of Michigan. The position was to implement the full spectrum of Industrial Engineering management procedures

The 20 year old company grew from $2.5 to $4.5 million and was purchased by Emerson Electric, an over 10+ Billion Corporation to be used as a management training profit center.



Funded in Part by the Technological Research and Development Authority (TRDA) through strategic alliances with NASA, the federal government, the aerospace industry, and state partners – including the Department of Education, Enterprise Florida and the Department of Community Affairs. In 2006 with their SATOP, NASA did joint design of Gimbals Connectors for STC.

Illinois Institute of Technology - Ran Wind Tunnel test 1995 on Transit Concept with Under Graduates.

USF & Center for Urban Transportation Research Tampa, Florida  - Initiated a Teaming Agreement to get mutual grants since 1994.


Gulf Controls School of Fluid Power Course (Air and Hydraulics - 1990

Illinois Institute of Technology (½ credited) MBA – Finance

Illinois Institute of Technology Bachelor of Science - Industrial Engineering - 1970

University of Illinois Bachelor of Science - Engineering Physics 2 years

University of Michigan - Licensed Instructor from affiliated Methods Times Motion Corporation -1965

US Army - Nike Air Defense Missiles&  Electronics also Chemical, Bacteriological, Radiological Warfare

Civil Air Patrol (USF Auxiliary) O’Hare AFB - Captain - Aviation Training, repaired instrument flight simulators, passed all available courses – was an instructor in Aviation topics, search and rescue – Served as the Illinois Wing Communications Commandant of Cadets. Was selected 1 of 100,000 Cadets to attend the Jet-Orientation course at Perrin Air force base TX, including the Congressional Dinner as awards. Professional memberships

National Space Society; South West Florida Chapter – Treasurer

Who’s Who Business Award 1994-95 & 1999-2000

Cinch “Invest-O-Matic” Stock Club - President

American Society of Value Engineers, Chicago - Secretary

Volunteer experience

Currently member of Pinellas County Citizens’ Advisory Committee (12th year) to the Metropolitan Planning Organizations of Pinellas County, also the regional advisory committee, to FDOT’s seven county “Chairs Coordinating Committee” of joint MPO’s.

Past President - Clearwater Bombers & Colt 45’s National Champions, Hosted ASA Championship in 1997, Committee of 100 of Hernando County, FL. Worked with County Zoning Chairman for 4 years - Pinellas County Vocational Technical School – Chairman to start Courses on Warehousing - 3 years. Served on the Boards of several Citizen committees. Served as Editor and contributor of a Club monthly newsletter for 4 years.

Civil Air Patrol USAF Auxiliary, O’Hare Squadron - Completed all examinations -Awarded Jet Orientation Course, Congressional Dinner. Taught and repaired “Link” instrument Flight Simulators. Illinois Wing Cadet Commander - rank of Captain.

Patents and publications

Panelist at the 2005, and 2006 International Space Development Conference on Lunar “Heavy Rover” Designs for Habitat, also an Officer NSS. Has patented, disclosed and is working on patents relating to Overhead Supported Light Rail. Patent 7,124,692 was granted October 2006 for three rearranged rail designs. Presently we have 2 mechanical and 1 electronic PATENT pending.

TITLE:                 Director of Operations
NAME:                Jan H. Zicha, PE                         

ADDRESS:                   Lanham, MD

QUALIFICATIONS:       Civil/Structural Engineer. Special Expertise in High-Speed Rail and Rapid Transit


LICENSES:                   Registered Professional Civil Engineer: Maryland 12820, Wisconsin 21397-006.

CITIZENSHIPS:             USA and Czech Republic                                             

HEALTH:                       Excellent

EDUCATION:                Transportation Institute, University of Zilina, Czechoslovakia.

                                    Major: Transportation Infrastructures/Railway track and structures, European Engineering Diploma, Master of Science Equivalent, 167 credit hours.

                                     Almeda University, Idaho, USA, Master of Science, Major in Civil Engineering, 2005. Update.

PUBLICATIONS:            Refer to Attachment additional detail by request


Structural Engineering: Design and construction of concrete and steel bridges, buildings, transportation and industrial structures. Engineering services for construction management. Generation of drawings in Autocad. Construction surveying. Material engineering. Special problems solving. Retrofit of existing concrete structures, such as repair of cracks using vacuum impregnation with low viscosity resins such as methyl methacrylate. Design and construction coordination, field inspection, and quality control.

Rapid Transit and High-Speed Railways: Infrastructure design, research, development and management. Design of railway bridges, buildings and tunnels. Alignment design. Design criteria development. Track design. Track Maintenance. Upgrading Existing Conventional track for high-speed operations. Track/train Interaction Studies. Geotechnical exploration of railway roadbed by remote sensing methods of engineering geophysics. Systems engineering. Depot layout design, research, development. Manufacturing and testing track components.


American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Railway Transportation Committee, formerly High-Speed Ground Transportation Committee, Chairman, 1989 to 1990, and 1999 to 2005. Founding Member. 1983 to present time. Member of the Operations and Safety Council from November 2004.

American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association (AREMA), Committee 17 on High Speed Rail, Former Secretary and Vice Chairman, Founding Member, since 1988.

Transportation Research Board of National Academy of Sciences, Affiliate, Member of A2M01 Committee on Railroad Track, 1999 to 2001


Development of Concrete Slab-track for High-Speed Passenger and Heavy Axle Load Freight Operations, Research Panel Member, Independent Consultant.

Client: Portland Cement Association. Intermittent involvement from 2000 to present.

Residential and public buildings, design and construction.

Self-employed Structural Engineering Consultant and Contractor. June 2004 to September 2005.

Structural design and construction. Construction surveying. Residential properties in Maryland, recreational properties in West Virginia, and St. Luke church expansion project in McLean Virginia.

Relocation of Maintenance Facilities in Washington DC.

Senior Structural Engineer, Louis Berger Group, September 2001 to January 2002.

Salt bin building for highway maintenance, design and construction inspection. Pile/column system, arched truss roof, retaining walls design, stabilization of slopes, and drainage. Engineering services for construction management.  

WMATA and MTA - Washington DC and Baltimore, MD, Metros.

Principal Structural Engineer: Employer: Ralph M. Parsons, DeLeuw, Cather Co., 1978-1989.

Responsible for: Bridge design. Pre-cast concrete girders. Engineering services for Construction Management. Field survey and inspection. Shop drawings review and approval. Section design reviews for the General Consultant of Washington Metro. Construction surveying. Special problems solving such as retrofit of concrete members and material engineering tasks. Research and remediation of concrete structures affected by alkali aggregate reaction. Development of life cycle extension methods for future and existing Metro structures. Support of excavations. Underpinning of high-rise buildings.

Industrial Structures, Tanks, Hoppers and Equipment Support, Baltimore.

Structural Engineer. Employer: George Evans Associates, 1977 –1978

Responsible for concrete and steel design and construction documents for these structures.

Building Design

Structural Engineer. Employer: Ewell, Bomhardt and Associates, 1973 to 1974, BWI Airport building design, concrete and steel frame structures, and steel space truss.

Bridge Design 

Structural Engineer. Employer: Ewell, Bomhardt and Associates, Beavin Co. 1972 –1977.

Responsible for: design of curved continuous composite welded steel plate girders with variable depth for ramps and main roadways of eastern approach area of I-95 highway Harbor Tunnel Crossing in Baltimore. Carroll County Bridges. Route 40 bridges. I-95 Baltimore.


West Bank-Gaza Connector, Israel

Railway Infrastructure Specialist. Client: Louis Berger International, Oct. 2005 to March 2006.

Feasibility study, selection of alternatives, alignment design, operational plan, design of depots, tunnels and trackwork.

Shenzhen Metro, China, Phase II

Railway Technology Specialist. Client: Louis Berger International, August 2003

Honam High-Speed Railway Project, South Korea

Project Manager. Client: Louis Berger International, July 2002 to January 2003.

Responsible for high-speed rail technology updates, design criteria selection for trackwork, alignment design, yards and structures.

Buenos Aires, Light Rail Project Line 5 Feasibility Study. Railway technology specialist Client: Louis Berger International, September 2001 to June 2002.Depot Design.

Development of Specific Criteria for Upgrading Existing Track and Roadbed for High Speed Operations.

Independent Consultant. Client: Federal Railway Administration in the USA. FRA Order No.: DTFR53-00-P-00377.

Southeast Caracas Light Rail Transit Line Feasibility Study, 2001

Trackwork Engineer. Client: Louis Berger International. Basic trackwork design, specifications, quantities and cost estimates.

Bogota, Colombia Rapid Transit System Feasibility Study

Railway technology specialist. Client: Louis Berger International, Government of Colombia, 1999 to 2000. Innovative depot and trackwork design, quantities and cost estimates.

 Bangkok, Thailand Mass Rapid Transit System

Railway Technology Specialist. Client: Louis Berger International, Government of Thailand, 1998. Trackwork design and reviews. Innovative yard design resulting in major space reduction, a train capacity storage increase, and an increase of vehicular maintenance productivity.

Commuter Rail System in Istanbul, Turkey

Railway Technology Specialist. Client: Louis Berger International, Government of Turkey, 1997. Feasibility study and preliminary design.

Ankara, Rapid Transit System, Turkey. Railway Technology Specialist. Client:  Government of Turkey, 1997.Investigation of intensive rail wear in the Ankara metro’s mainline and yard trackage.

East-West High Speed Rail Line, Seoul Kang-Neung, South Korea, Master Plan

High-Speed Rail Infrastructure Team Leader. Client:  Sunjin Engineering, Group of Private Investors, 1994-1995. Responsible for infrastructure aspects of the East-West High Speed Rail Line form Seoul to Kang-Neung in Korea for 188 MPH speed. 245 km long line through difficult mountainous regions.

Track Components Development, Laboratory Testing, and Special Trackwork Manufacture. Trackwork Engineer, 1996. Employer: American Track Systems, Inc.

Red Line Extension of Los Angeles Metro. Test Program Manager, Responsible for structural development, qualification and production testing of direct fixation rail fasteners for rapid transit applications in Los Angeles and Taipei.

Kaohsiung Metro, Taiwan Mass Rapid Transit Authority (KMRT).

Trackwork Section Head. Client: International Transit Consultants, Ralph M. Parsons Corporation, Republic of China, KMRT, 1994-1995.

Responsible for the development of trackwork design documents, trackwork manuals, specifications and drawings for the mainline track and depots.

Seoul-Pusan High-Speed Rail Project, South Korea.

High-Speed Rail Infrastructure Team Leader. Client: Louis Berger International, Korean Transportation Institute, 1989- 1991. Alignment design, selection of infrastructure design criteria, and management of infrastructure design team.

HOBBIES:             Stone artwork, backpacking, hiking, swimming, skiing, violin playing, and singing.


Civil Aspects of New Generation Railways for Asia. Rail Solutions Asia, Hong Kong, March 28, 2003

Ballastless Track of Eurotunnel LVT and its Global Utilization to Achieve Unprecedented Reduction of Track Maintenance, and Development of Ballastless Track Systems in USA. Conference on the Modernization of Railway Lines, Sponsored by European Commission as a part of Centier excelencie project, Zilina, Slovak Republic, November 6, 2001

Development of Specifications for Upgrading Existing Railroad Track to Support High Speed Passenger and Heavy Axle Load Freight Operations, Annual Conference of High Speed Ground Transportation Association in Milwaukee, ASCE Session, USA, May 17, 2001

Challenges of Upgrading Existing Railroad Track to High Speed Passenger Operations, Annual Conference on High Speed Ground Transportation in Seattle, USA, High Speed Ground Transportation Association, June 8, 1999.

Perspectives of High Speed Rail Development in the USA and TEA-21 Act.

XI-th International Conference on High Speed Rail, Zilina, Slovakia, November 10, 1998.

Dynamic Response of Ballastless Track and Its Effect on Operational Performance. (Original: Resposta dinamica da via sem lastro e seu efeito sobre o desempenho operacional em vias ferreas oara transporte publico) Brazil, National Transportation Conference, June 1995.

Perspectives of High Speed Rail in the USA and Far East, The First International Conference on Advanced Transportation, Pardubice, Czech Republic, September 19, 1995.

Upgrading Existing Lines for High Speeds: Infrastructure Aspects and Limitations. Presentation at the Eleventh International Convention on High Speed Rail and Magnetic Levitation. San Francisco, May 4, 1994.

High Speed Rail Loading Scenario and Dynamic Tuning of the Track, Paper and Presentation at the ASCE International Conference on High Speed Rail, Orlando, Florida, October 26, 1992. Proceedings.

High Speed Rail Track Design, Paper and Presentation at the Fourth International Conference on High Speed Rail, Las Vegas, Nevada, May 20, 1987. Special Issue of the ASCE Journal of Transportation, January 1989.

Civil Aspects of Maglev Design, Paper and Presentation at the International Conference on Maglev and Linear Drives, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, May 14-16, 1986. Proceedings.

Maglev Systems, Advantages, Risks and Uncertainties, Paper and Presentation, ASCE Convention, Detroit, Michigan, October 21-25, 1985.

High Speed Rail Systems in the United States, Journal of Transportation Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 111, No. 2, March 1984, co-author.


Upgrading Track and Roadbed for High Speed Rail Operations, Specific Criteria Development,

FRA Order No.: DTFR53-00-P-00377. January 30, 2001. Dynamic track train interaction analyses for a sample high speed rail train and for a representative heavy axle load vehicle; trackwork and geotechnical requirements of high-speed passenger and heavy-axle-load operations on the same track. Associated software development and parametric studies. Advanced design features, novel track geometry alternatives, and investigation of geophysical research methods of engineering geophysics for railway roadbed diagnostics. This work influenced the direction of railway research in the US, and it is reflected in several FRA-AAR research programs at the Transportation Test Venter in Pueblo, Colorado.

Geotechnical Exploration by Remote Sensing Methods of Engineering Geophysics for the Seoul– Pusan High Speed Rail Line. 204 pages, Innovative methods of highly economical evaluation of route and alignment territory to ensure adequate subgrade quality necessary for high speed running. Proposal to Yooshin Company, Seoul, Korea, 1992.

This work was a way ahead of its time. The FRA research program of the geotechnical exploration of railway track, the subpart of the proposal, has started in 2003.

This proposal is based on a combination of thermal band infrared images available from Landsat research and Russian Soyez Karta, air-borne photogeologic techniques, a non-explosive seismic method Controlled Source Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves (CS SASW) and five additional remote sensing geophysical methods based on electric, magnetic and elastic properties of soils and rocks. The proposal offered to minimize the scope of conventional boring, to make the borings more meaningful, and to provide essential information on the uniformity of subgrade soils. The uniformity of subgrade soils is critical to the endurance of track structure and to the intensity of track maintenance in high-speed operational environment. The proposed methods were designed to provide warning on the occurrence of difficult soils, on areas of non-uniform settlement, on the size and location of faults before the start of tunneling, and on cavities and water–filled areas in the path of tunnels. Also, information on useable materials in future cuts, on potential sources of replacement materials, and a reliable quality control tool during the embankment construction.

The track exploration based on GPR, microseismics and microgravimetry has been developed in Europe sice the time of the proposal. This subject was included in a proposal addressed to FRA by Zicha Engineering, Zarembski and Associates, and G-Impuls Prague in September 2004.

Aerodynamic Resistance of High Speed Rail Tunnels. Research results obtained in cooperation with the Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Theoretical and Applied Dynamics, 1991. The report includes actual values of air resistance for TGV, ICE and Shinkansen trains as a function of speed, length of tunnels, size of tunnels, and air temperature.


Task: Project Director, Mechanical and Structural

Douglas J. Tobin, PE, RA

Registered Architect

Professional Engineer



            Airport Master Planning & Design

            Baggage Handling Systems Design and Engineering

            Building and Facility Architecture, Electrical, Fire-Protection, HVAC, Structural Engineering

            Cargo Handling Systems Design and Engineering

            Concessions Master Planning & Design

            Package Handling Systems Design and Engineering

            Project Director, Program Management, Construction Management

            System and Building Interface Architecture and Engineering

            Warehouse Facility and Material Handling Systems Architecture and Engineering


1.0       Architectural Registrations

                        Connecticut       03/18/1983        3559

                        Florida              12/07/1988        AR0012063

                        Georgia             04/10/2000        010001             

                        Kentucky          06/22/1994        4268                

                        Illinois               11/30/1984        001-010926

                        Mass                12/12/1983        5779

                        New Jersey      07/13/2004        AI 16622

                        New York        08/31/1984        016665-1

                        Pennsylvania     06/04/2004        RA402965

                        Texas               01/06/2005        18860

                        Virginia 12/30/2002        0401-12680

2.0       Professional Engineer Registrations

                        Connecticut Engineering In Training       01/13/1987       

                        Connecticut Professional Engineer          08/01/1988        15545

                        Maine               07/07/1992        7401

                        New York        12/04/1989        066450-1

                        Pennsylvania     07/31/1990        PE-040450-R

                        Vermont           06/08/1994        18-0006694

3.0       Professional Organizations

                        NCARB Registered Architect

                        NCARB File No. : 34832

                        NCARB Certificate No. : 29078

                        New York Society of Architects, Member Since 1984

4.0       Professional Experience

o          Professional experience includes:

o          Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Protection Building Systems Planning, Design and Engineering

o          Specialty Baggage Handling, Cargo, Freight Handling Systems Design and Engineering

o          Concessions Design, Planning and Engineering

o          Control Systems Design, Planning and Engineering, MCC, PLC, Controls, Sensors and Software planning and overall process control project development.

o          Project Direction, Program Management and Construction Management

o          Architecture and Engineering of major projects for Airport Cargo and Passenger Terminals located throughout the US and the World.  Internationally at the New Athens International Airport, Greece; New Seoul International Airport, Korea; Changi International Airport, Singapore; Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia; HACTL Cargo Terminals 1 and 2, Tai Tak International Airport, Hong Kong; Milano Linate and Milano Malpensa Airports, Milan Italy...etc.  Projects include numerous Baggage, Cargo, and Material Handling Systems.  Mr. Tobin has developed over 2 billion US Dollars worth of projects within the US and Internationally on commercial and industrial projects.

5.0     Airport Passenger Terminal & Baggage Handling Systems Projects:

o          US Airways – Bradley International Airport – Terminal A Departures Level – Check in Counter and Kiosk Installation

o          Louis Berger Group Inc. – Montego Bay, Jamaica International Airport – Baggage Handling Systems Design and Development – Architectural Engineering and Project Development

o          US Airways – Philadelphia International Airport – Terminal B-C Connector – L3 and EDS  Scanner Systems Installation and Baggage Handling Systems Modifications and Additions

o          Louis Berger Group Inc. – Incheon International Airport – Baggage Handling System Bid Evaluation and Selection Committee

o          Sydney International Airport, Baggage Handling Systems Design Evaluation and Project Testing, Sydney Australia

o          San Francisco International Airport International Terminal Baggage Handling Systems

o          New Athens International Airport, Spata, Greece Baggage Handling Systems

            o          New Seoul Korea Intl Airport  - Baggage Handling Systems – Bid Evaluations and

BHS System Design critique

o          Albany Municipal Airport  Albany, NY Temporary Passenger Terminal FIS Terminal Relocation Project

            o          Value Engineering (VE) Study for New York Port Authority

            o          Greater Buffalo International Airport

            o          Newark International Airport

            o          JFK 2000 - Master Plan

            o          Venice International Airport - Master Plan - 2010

            o          SEA Linate - Milano-Linate International Airport

            o          SEA Milan Milano-Malpensa International Airport, Milan, Italy

            o          British Airways - JFK International Airport, New York, N.Y.

            o          Port Authority - JFK Master Plan, JFK International Airport, New York, N.Y.

            o          United Airlines - Airport Passenger, Freight, Mail Baggage Handling Underground

                        Terminal Master Plan, O'Hare International Airport, Chicago, Ill.

o          Alitalia-Passenger Terminal Baggage Handling, DaVinci International Airport, Rome, Italy

            o          SEA - Passenger Terminal Baggage Handling, Milano-Linate International Airport,

                        Milan, Italy

            o          United Airlines - Design and Renovation Denver International Airport Denver, Colo.

6.0   Airport Cargo, Freight / Material Handling Systems Projects:

o          Mariscal Sucre International Airport – Quito Ecuador – Air Cargo Operations Specialist on the Technical and Market Study for Improving Flower Handling Cargo Facilities     

o          Cielos Airlines - South Winds Cargo – MIA Cargo Terminal Demo Project

o          Tampa Airlines – Cargo Building 708 - Demo Project     

o          Floriculture Redistribution Centre - Dubai International Airport - Cargo Terminal Master Planning, Building Site Development, Architecture, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

o          Aerolink International Inc. Cargo Terminal Project - South Cargo Area Building A,

                        Atlanta International Airport Atlanta, GA

            o          Advance Cargo Systems - Aerofloral - Frontier Airlines Cargo SA

                        X-Ray Facility - Cargo Terminal Building 701, Miami International Airport Cargo Area

                        Miami, Fl.

o          Aerofloral - Aerokool - Frontier Airlines Cargo SA Warehouse - Cargo Terminal Building Miami International Airport Cargo Area Miami, FL.

            o          Tampa Airlines Cargo SA MIA-CFS - Cargo Terminal Building 708,

                        Miami International Airport Miami, Fl.

            o          MIA-CFS - Cargo Terminal Building 706, Miami International Airport Miami, Fl. 

            o          MIA-CFS - Cargo Terminal Building 707, Miami International Airport Miami, Fl.

            o          Carisam International Corp. Duty Free International Inc.

            o          ISO Container Storage Park

            o          MIA-CFS - Cargo Terminal Miami International Airport Miami, Fl.

            o          HACTL Cargo Terminal 2 Expansion Hong Kong

            o          Japan Airlines - JFK Master Plan JFK International Airport New York, N.Y.

            o          Federal Express - Newark Freight Terminal Port Authority Submittals

            o          Pan Am Cargo Terminal Relocation Miami International Airport

            o          SATS Terminal 1A - 4A Expansion Cargo Terminal Architectural Engineering

             o         Miami International Airport Miami Container Freight Station Miami International  Airport Miami, Florida

o          Emery Worldwide - Stage IV A - Phase 1 Dayton Hub Expansion Dayton Airport Dayton, Ohio

o          Pan Am Cargo Terminal Relocation Study Site Master Plan Hangar 14 Cargo Terminal Conversion Office Relocation

                        JFK International Airport New York, N.Y.

            o          Milano-Malpensa International Airport Milan, Italy

            o          United Air Lines - Cargo Terminal O'Hare International Airport Chicago, Ill.

o          Efficiency Systems - Japan Air Lines Cargo Terminal Revisions JFK International Airport New York, N.Y.

            o          Federal Express - MLD Center Logan International Airport Boston, Mass.

            o          Miami International Airport Cargo City 1 and Cargo City 2

             o         Federal Express - Boston BABO Facility Interior Office Design Cargo Terminal Conversion Logan International Airport Boston, Mass.

            o          Malaysian Airlines Systems - Cargo Terminal Design Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

o          SATS - Master Plan Cargo Development Feasibility Study Cargo Terminal Expansion Singapore

            o          Emery Worldwide - Stage III - Dayton Hub Expansion Dayton Airport Dayton, Ohio

o          Emery Worldwide - Hub Terminal Debottlenecking Dayton Hub Terminal Dayton Airport Dayton, Ohio

            o          Northwest Airlines - Cargo Terminal Design Logan International Airport Boston, Mass.

o          United Airlines - Airport Passenger, Freight, Mail Terminal Master Plan O'Hare International Airport Chicago, Ill.

o          Air Express International Air Freight Terminal Architectural Design Development JFK International Airport New York, N.Y.

o          Japan Airlines Cargo Terminal Renovation - Cargo Systems Expansions JFK International Airport New York, N.Y.

            o          Emery Worldwide - Hub Terminal Envelope Sortation Dayton International Airport Dayton, Ohio

            o          Emery Worldwide - Freight Terminal Design O'Hare International Airport Chicago, Ill.

            o          HACTL Cargo -Terminal 1A Expansion Hong Kong

            o          SAS - Cargo Terminal Design Arlanda, Sweden

o          Emery Worldwide - Hub Terminal Design - Phase 1 Airport Master Planning - Dayton Airport Dayton, Ohio

o          British Airways Cargo Terminal Port Authority Documentation and Submittals JFK International Airport New York, N.Y.

            o          AEI - Freight Terminal Study Newark International Airport Newark, N.J.

o          Emery Worldwide Air Freight Terminal Design JFK International Airport New York, N.Y.

o          Eastern Airlines Air Freight Terminal Design Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport Atlanta, Georgia

            o          AEI - Air Freight Terminal Design O'Hare International Airport Chicago, Ill.

o          AEI - Air Freight Terminal Design Frankfurt International Airport Frankfurt, West Germany

o          Miami Airport Authority Cargo Terminal Area Master Plan Miami International Airport Miami, Florida

7.0   Airport Concessions Projects:

o          RD&C – Stellar Partners – Terminal D – Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport

o          Dufry – DKNY – Plasma Screen – Newark International Airport

o          Dufry – T-1 4 Shop Renovation Project – Toy Store – NYC Store – American Clothier – Tumi – JFK International Airport

o          Dufry – Newark Logo Sign Replacement – Newark International Airport

o          International Shoppes – Terminal A West – Duty Free Shop C9A – Philadelphia International Airport

o          DFASS – Dallas Fort Worth Duty Free Program – Terminal D, Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas / Fort Worth Texas

o          South Winds Cargo – Cielos Airlines Bldg. 706 Demolition Project Miami International Airport

o          Paradies – Portland ME – Synergy – News & Gifts Architectural and Engineering support services for the modification to the existing Paradies landside newsstand

o          Dufry – JFK Terminal 1 – Stadium Shop Relocation Project

o          Dufry – Signage Development Newark – Main and Satellite Shop

o          Dufry America Newark Duty Free – Sensormatic / Security

o          Weitnauer Newark – New Satellite Duty Free Terminal C, Concourse 1

o          Brooklyn National Deli Inc. – Main Terminal LaGuardia International Airport Deli Expansion Project – Central Terminal Building Food Court

o          DFASS – Saloon – Air Canada – Maple Leaf Lounge - Toronto

o          International Shoppes Inc., Duty Free Shops C1E, L3B, C5B, Philadelphia International Airport Terminal A-West, PA, USA, Turnkey Architecture and Engineering

o          Weitnauer Americas Inc. Main Duty Free Shop TC-C3, Newark International Airport, NJ, USA, Turnkey Architecture and Engineering

o          Weitnauer Americas Inc., Kenneth Cole Shop TC-C3, Newark International Airport, NJ, USA, Construction Management, A&E Permitting

o          World Duty Free, Americas, Inc. British Airways Duty Free Shop, British Airways Terminal JFK International Airport, NY, USA, Turnkey Architecture and Engineering

o          World Duty Free, Americas, Inc. Chicago Midway WDFA Temporaries Terminal A, B, C Concourse's, Various News & Gifts Architecture and Engineering Midway Municipal Airport, Chicago, IL, Turnkey Architecture and Engineering

o          World Duty Free, Americas, Inc. Boston Duty Free Shop Terminal E and Terminal C Concourse's Logan Int. Airport, East Boston, MA

o          Three Chicago Duty Free Shop's, Various Terminal's & Concourse's O'Hare International Airport, Chicago, IL, Turnkey Architecture and Engineering

o          Four Boston Duty Free Shop's, Various Terminal's & Concourse's Logan International Airport, East Boston, Ma., Turnkey Architecture and Engineering

o          Paradies News and Gift Shop, Terminal B Logan International Airport, East Boston, MA, Project Engineering

o          FHA - Crew Club Gift Shop O'Hare Hilton Hotel, O'Hare Int'l Airport

o          Grove Sweet Shop - Terminal 5, O'Hare International Airport

o          Grove Sweet Shops - Temporary Kiosk, American Airlines Terminal, JFK Int'l Airport, NY

o          Grove Sweet Shops - Temporary Kiosk East & West Terminal, Buffalo Int'l Airport, NY

o          Grove Sweet Shop Orlando Int'l Airport, Orlando, Florida

o          FHA - Duty Free / News & Gifts, Bangor Int'l Airport, Bangor, Maine

o          DFI - Athletes Foot Shop, Pittsburgh Int'l Airport, Pittsburgh, PA

o          Grove Sweet Shops - Term. A, Bradley International Airport, Windsor Locks Ct.

o          Grove Sweet Shops - Term. B, Bradley International Airport, Windsor Locks Ct.

o          Grove Sweet Shops - US Air Terminal, LaGuardia Int'l Airport, NY

o          FHA - Duty Free / News & Gifts, Delta Terminal 1A, JFK Int'l Airport, NY

o          DFI - Pittsburgh International Airport, Concession Master Planning

o          DFI - Baltimore/Washington International Airport

8.0   Airport Master Plans & General Projects:

o          Executive Aircraft Hangar Project - Danbury Municipal Airport - Turnkey Architecture & Engineering, Danbury, CT, USA       

o          World Duty Free America's, Inc., Headquarters Corporate Offices

o          MIA-CFS - Corporate Offices - Building 706, Miami International Airport Miami, Fl.

o          Albany County Municipal Airport Temporary Passenger Terminal Albany, NY

o          Albany County Municipal Airport F.I.S. Building Relocation Albany, NY

o          Norden Systems, Inc. Radar Tower Structural Engineering, Memphis International Airport Memphis, TN

o          Norden Systems, Inc. Radar Tower Structural Engineering, Anchorage International Airport Anchorage, Alaska

o          Norden Systems, Inc. Radar Tower Structural Engineering, Houston International Airport Houston, Texas

o          MIA-CFS - Cargo Terminal Miami International Airport Miami, Fl.

o          Venice International Airport - Master Plan - 2010, Passenger Terminal Design Development Venice, Italy

o          SEA Milan Milano-Malpensa International Airport, Milan, Italy

o          British Airways - Passenger Terminal Master Plan, Terminal Renovation Competition, JFK International Airport New York, N.Y.

o          Pan Am - Passenger Terminal Renovation and Code Analysis, JFK International Airport New York, N.Y.

o          United Airlines - Airport Passenger, Freight, Mail, Terminal Master Plan O'Hare International Airport, Chicago, Ill.

o          Air Express International, Interior Office Design Concept Development, Stamford, CT.

o          Singapore Airlines Maintenance Terminal Design, Singapore International Airport Singapore

o          SEA-TAC - Airport Master Planning, Seattle Tacoma International Airport Seattle, Wash.

o          Miami Airport Authority, Cargo Terminal Area Master Plan Miami International Airport Miami, Florida

9.0     Residential Projects:

o          Joseph Eggleton Condo – Deck Structural Engineering Design

o          Vincent DiNapoli – HVAC Residential Project – Analysis and Design of HVAC system

o          Robert Jones Residence

o          Mark Hayes Architect – Consultant Architectural and Structural Engineering Services Residential Renovation / Addition

            o          3D Homes – The Duncan Project – Structural Engineering

            o          3D Homes – Pete’s Deli – Bethel – Architectural Engineering    

            o          3D Homes – The Blackwell Residence – Architecture and Structural Engineering

            o          Bill Giannakakos – Retaining Wall Structural Engineering

            o          Sinick Residence – Kitchen Structural Engineering

            o          Artifact – Civil Site Drainage Engineering

            o          Billone Residence – Architectural / Engineering Consultant Services

o          Philip Bambino – Indian Rock Residence – Architectural and Engineering Services

            o          Przewlocki Residence Alteration and Second Floor Addition

            o          Benjamin / Vogt Residence – Addition and Renovation

10.0   Education

New York Institute of Technology

Old Westbury, N.Y.

Bachelor of Architecture (5-year)

NAAB Accredited Degree

Magna Cum Laude

CPR - 3.65

Architectural Major

Computer Minor

Member Nu Upsilon Tau Honor Fraternity

Graduated – 1980 – Magna Cum Laude

Norwalk State Technical College

Norwalk, Ct.

Associates Degree in Architectural

Engineering  (2-year)

ABET Accredited Degree

CPR - 3.74

Member Tau Alpha Pi Honor Fraternity

Graduated – 1976 – Summa Cum Laude

Resume of Jefferson C. Knott 


Loughborough College, England (undergraduate degree)

M.A. Western Kentucky University

Executive M.B.A., University of South Florida

Harvard Business School

- Multinational Senior Executive Program, Vesey, Switzerland

Career path:

April 2008, joined Sky Train Corporation (STC) as Executive VP of Global Business Development Consultant:

With knowledge of the world’s need for improved transportation infrastructure at low cost; identified with this superior next generation of rearranged rail (monorail format) as the solution towards the worlds need for low energy consumption, lack of space on the ground and a solution for reducing loss of rider productivity and accidents. Have identified foreign initiatives where personal contacts will help implementation and developing action plans and assisting with the new web site

March, 2006: Semi-retired from Rooms To Go Corp. and start-up of own company:

Tintagel Holdings LLC, Chairman and President

Formed a global senior management level consulting company, for retail global start ups, restructuring large retail companies and developing business alliances, via JVs, Franchises and Licenses.

Recognized in David Irvine’s book “The Authentic Leader”

Tintagel Holdings LLC maintains the highest of global contacts from royalty to leading politicians and governments

1995-2008 Rooms To Go Corporation (RTG) - Vice President International:

In addition appointed President of RTG Japan..

A start-up furniture retailer, with a fabulous founding family furniture retail industry record. Responsible as Vice President International for developing the company in selective global markets via licensing/franchising arrangements at the highest global business levels and companies. Established a joint venture, in Japan, with a $50 billion company, responsible for managing and developing the total business as an international start-up.

Developed global contacts of the highest level of management and well- known retail companies

Recognized in David Irvine’s book “The Authentic Leader”


Real-time knowledge of 120 countries and contacts in all major retail growth markets.

Rooms To Go today is number one in furniture retail sales in the U.S.A.

1994-1995 Jim Walter International Corp, President:

Restructured the building materials product company to a profitable entity. Company active in over 40 countries with 3 international affiliated companies.

Achieved profitable Sales growth.

Walter Corp is one of the largest building materials corporations in the U.S.

1974-1994 Johnson and Johnson, Multinational Health Care Corporation:

Marketing Director, International, Professional Products Sectors,

1994-elected to take early retirement.

1994-1991 Responsible for developing worldwide businesses of specific medical products in over 100 countries.

1991-1990-National Sales Manager, Brazil, developing the Professional Sector selected products in Brazil.

1990-1976-Export Sales Manager-Professional Sector.

1976-1974-U.S.Sales Associate-Professional Sector.

Winner of various national corporate sales achievement awards.

Community Activities:

Company Boards:

A member of the selected business leaders invited to serve on the Initiative for Global Development, one of the founders being William Gates Snr.-

Board of Trustees- University of Tampa

MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry)

Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo.

Patel Foundation

Stewards Foundation

Stavros Advisory Board

Co-Chairman Healthy Together

Former Chairman: Mayor’s Global Business Committee

Hillsborough County Business Advisory Board


Lectured Nationally on Global Business

Was twice winner - U.S. President’s Award for Exporting Excellence

Was awarded the Florida International Company of the Year Award winner for the Corporation’s export measurable performances

Television interviews and panel discussions

Visiting professor and guest lecturer at Stetson University, University of South Florida and the University of Tampa   

Guest speaker at global business conferences

In August 2008 Mr. Knott’s book will be released globally “Navigating the Health Care Maze”




Task: Manufacture and design of product


Hector is the founder, chairman of the board, and president of various corporations, including Nu Energy Group, Inc., a public company, previously trading on the OTC and now being held inactive (operations/trading stopped).  In January of 2006, Hector created Nu Dimensions Group, Inc., a Florida corporation, which is now being primed to replace the operations of all of Hector’s previous Long Island, New York operations.

In July 1986, Hector founded Hytech Industries Corp., with its last manufacturing facility located in Bohemia, Long Island, New York.  Hytech was a minority-owned design engineering and contract manufacturing company, which primarily serviced the passenger rail transit industry for the past twenty years, e.g., Long Island RR, MTA NYC Transit, Metro North, Amtrak, etc. with millions of dollars in annual revenues. One of Hytech Industries’ most notable completed projects in the rail transit industry was having co-designed and manufactured the hybrid control system for Amtrak’s new Acela high-speed locomotives and power cars.

Hytech Industries also became recognized for developing and marketing renewable energy systems throughout the world.  Prior to founding Hytech, Dr. Guevara was the founder and president of Alternate Energy Industries Corp. in New York City.  Beginning in 1976, Alternate Energy developed an international market in solar products, with annual revenues that reached approximately $5,000,000. In 1979 the President of The United States, Jimmy Carter, wanted a solar system installed and Hector’s company, Alternate Energy, was chosen to install the solar system in the White House.

Dr. Guevara has devoted the past 30 years to research and development of renewable energy systems.  Dr. Guevara’s companies designed and or produced many of the most notable solar, wind, and hydroelectric systems deployed throughout the world. The results of his research and development have been assigned to his new Florida Corporation, Nu Dimensions Group, Inc.

Dr. Guevara attended the University of Maryland with studies leading towards a B.S.M.E. from 1967 to 1970.  In 2001/02 Dr. Guevara also attended the State University of New York (SUNY) with matriculated course work leading towards an Engineering Management Degree Program.  While on this program, Dr. Guevara participated in SUNY’s mentor protégé program.  In 2002 SUNY’s Small Business Development Center selected Dr. Guevara as the Hispanic Entrepreneur of the Year.

Dr. Guevara was conferred with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering by Shaftesbury University (London) in January 2002; Dr. Guevara also holds an MBA and a BBA.


Member The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

Member American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Member of The American Public Transportation Association

Member of Solar Energy Industry Association

Member of US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Member of Latin American Manufacturing Association

Member of National Minority Business Council

Member Regional Alliance for Small Contractors




Task: Director of Technology Development

Dan Simpson

College of Engineering & Computer Science in Chattanooga, TN

Advanced Technologies for Transportation Research Program (ATTRP)

Work Experience

University of Tennessee Chattanooga (UTC)

2005 – Present – Chief Research Scientist

Responsibilities: Primary duties include managing and building the Advanced Technologies for Transportation Research Program, (ATTRP) a non-profit research center at UTC.

Activities include: investigating applications of clean renewable energy options, identifying, developing, executing and overseeing research projects related to the deployment new clean transportation technologies that utilize clean and secure sources of energy; (such as Solar, Wind, Hydrogen, Inductive Power Transfer, Ultra Capacitor / Nano Battery technologies and Alternative Fuels). Duties also include coordinating with local, state and federal agencies to evaluate, advise and lead the direction for the deployment of new sensible clean energy and clean transportation applications; examine economically sound energy saving technologies which exhibit enhanced performance; participate in activities to secure funding for clean energy, clean transportation research; investigate and develop market strategies, including website development used to educate and present the ATTRP research center’s mission; take part in statewide and national  “Technology Transfer” projects involving the Tennessee Department of Transportation, the National Research Transportation Center, Oak Ridge National Labs, the Department of Transportation and the Federal Transit Administration; consult with public and private freight and transit systems interested in purchasing/operating alternative hybrid vehicles; coordinate the use of UTC and the University of Tennessee laboratories for supporting the ATTRP mission; provide management, guidance and collaboration with faculty, staff and students related to clean energy research and demonstration projects; manage operations at the ATTI-UTC  Test Track and Renewable Energy Center with a focus on developing, deploying and testing innovative applications of clean renewable energy and non polluting transportation alternatives.

Florida Institute of Technology
1990-2005 - Director of Laboratories

Responsibilities: Support the Vice Provost of Academic Affairs in managing the university’s Technical Services, Senior Design Research projects, all university laboratories and academic space; activities include advising and implementing technical operation procedures to serve 3000 students, 230 faculty, and 147 degree programs, supported 162 Teaching & Research Labs; actively involved in effective lab space utilization, creative development and strategic upgrading; facilitated laboratory design and construction, assisted in designing and bringing on line a   70,000 sq. ft. Engineering Complex and a 70,000 sq. ft. Physical Sciences Center. Managed all aspects of a Technical Service Team consisting of 40 employees, 4 operational budgets, University Machine Shop, Electronic Services Center and calculated equipment resource sharing; conduct Manufacturing Design Reviews: for research projects; provide technical advice/support for over 50 multidisciplinary Senior Design Engineering Projects annually; oversaw Lab Safety/Lab Security and Disaster Planning; involved with industrial relationship development, engineering research and business opportunity identification, donation acquisitions and fund rising activities worth over $20 million and coordinated special K-12 Educational Programs; implemented innovative recruiting and retention strategies for the success of the College of Engineering and have been the key spokesman, creating and giving many presentations to a significant number of international dignitaries, local, state, federal agencies, industry executives and the general public.

Delavan Gas Turbine Products Division, West Des Moines Iowa
1988-1990 - Senior Manufacturing Project Engineer & Automated System Integrator

Responsibilities:  Include the development of the complete process plan and support drawings to produce close tolerance Jet Aircraft Fuel nozzle assemblies; utilized Manufacturing Requirements Planning, Just-in-time management methods, Statistical Process Control, and CAD-CAM applications and systems to accomplish the work; managed and advised eight process planners in the creation of techniques and tooling necessary to produce piece parts; i.e., programming, laser machining, electrical discharge machining, welding, and computer numerical control machining; served as a team leader for the implementation of Computer Integrated Manufacturing cells and the purchasing of automated machine tools to improve production; worked with and coordinated Total Quality Management, Quality Control practices and procedures in compliance with customer requirements to produce quality parts on time and under cost; Initiated and monitored all phases of global manufacturing process requirements, project planning and execution.  

Slauson Sheet Metal Manufacturing, Grimes Iowa

1987-1988 - Industrial Engineer / Manager

 Responsibilities: Developed market planning strategies to provide sheet metal fabrication and processing to major contractors; set up CAD-CAM and DNC network application to produce parts; determined system and machine compatibility for proper integration and utilization of equipment at production capacity; assisted with facilities project, process and cost-estimation planning; formulated time standard to bid and produce custom parts; responsible for monitoring inventory control and material flow; developed and implemented Iowa's Right to Know and OSHA Safety Program; managed personnel operations for twenty five employees, including hiring, training, employee benefits, and company policy enactment; saved company $430k in cost savings.

Martin Marietta/NASA Aerospace Div. New Orleans, Louisiana

1984-1987 - Senior Manufacturing/Mechanical Engineer 

Responsibilities: To support Space Shuttle Fuel Tank Assembly: provided technical direction and coordination of lower-grade engineers within the manufacturing section of mechanical, structural, machine shop, detail fabrication, thermal protection, welding and robotics; developed manufacturing planning, tooling, design and control methods, created plans for CNC machines; manufacturing processes, test equipment for electronics, metal fabrication and assembly; performed critical liaison and production problem-solving at all levels of the manufacturing assembly process. Advised and actively assisted Quality Engineering in resolving design and build problems. Proposed, implemented and supervised the manufacturing engineering section of the satellite control center supporting the shop and manufacturing floor; maintained schedules, assigned workloads to twelve subordinate engineers in accordance with capabilities and technical ability; responsible for the overall major fuel tank mechanical assembly, along with monitoring the engineering efforts to complete critical flight hardware; served as a special projects engineer on the space station mock-up, aircraft drone, fuel tank weight reduction and extension; generated over $ 950,000 in cost savings, promoted to senior engineer after one year of service and achieved NASA Flight Hardware Certified Manufacturing Engineering status to approve space flight hardware parts.

Boeing Airplane Company, 747 Spares Div; Everett, Washington

1979-1981 - Manufacturing AOG Engineer 

Responsibilities: Include the interpretation of aircraft drawings and documents in formulating most cost-effective manufacturing plan; used IBM MRP and Boeing computer systems to aid in developing manufacturing processes; utilized liaison problem-solving methods in communicating oral and written instructions to manufacturing and Airplane on the Ground (AOG) team and repair crews in performing corrective action for aircraft incident repair. Developed plans to fabricate and install composite, electrical, mechanical, structural, and sheet metal parts. Monitored quality and logistics of customer support activities during repair. Performed analysis of repair and coordinated repair support efforts covering the entire airplane; Created plans to build flight simulators, 747 space shuttle brackets and wind turbines. Awarded cost savings awards totaling $750,000; Completed two years of manufacturing engineering school in six months by a university company training program, earning a grade point average of 3.9.


          University of Tennessee Chattanooga – Chattanooga Tennessee
             Working on completing a Master of Engineering Management

          Florida Tech – Melbourne Florida
            Courses taken for a Master of Engineering Management             

         University of Idaho - Moscow, Idaho
             BS Industrial Technology 

         Spokane Falls Community College – Spokane, Washington
Associates of Arts     

         United States Air Force and Navy Trained

Hold an active DOD Security Clearance