Grant Team Collaborators


Biographical Sketches Key Personnel for Sky Train’s Collaboration on Grants: 

Larry Jopec, VP Marketing - Director of Production, Jack Conely, Executive producer, WEDU/PBS

Trent Molder, Research Scientist, Connecticut Global Fuel Cell Center

 - William Young, Jr., Senior Research Engineer, UCF Solar Energy Center

 - Rajan Sen, PhD PE Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, USF

 - Francis Knize, Director of Sales Sky Train Grant coordinator

 - Karl Guenther, CEO Sky Train

 – Dan Simpson, Chief Research Scientist in the Advanced Technologies for Transportation Research Program (ATTRP)

 - Hector Guevara PhD Manufacturing Energy Test Components, Controls for automation and Flywheels used for regeneration for Rail Customers.  Longtime experience in Solar controls and applications both passive and PV.

 - Douglas J. Tobin, PE, RA President & CEO, ARC International Associates Inc.


William Young Jr. 

Senior Research Engineer Photovoltaic's


B.S.E. Electrical Engineering

University of Central Florida, 1980

William Young is a Senior Research Engineer for the Florida Solar Energy Center. His two areas of primary emphasis are the use of solar energy in disasters and education surrounding the use of alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles. Mr. Young works closely with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and local emergency and disaster management organizations to promote the use of solar energy following a disaster. He represents the Department of Energy on a local level to promote alternative fuel technology acceptance and use.

Upon joining FSEC in 1990 from General Electric, Mr. Young's initial efforts involved the testing and evaluation of photovoltaic systems for commercial and residential buildings, as well as solar electric traffic devices for the Florida Department of Transportation. Based on this research, he developed and conducted educational programs to inform industry, government officials and the general public about the use of photovoltaics as a renewable energy source. Following Hurricane Andrew in 1992, Mr. Young's research expanded to include the application of solar energy in disaster response, recovery and mitigation. His current focus is on the creation of functional, disaster-resistant buildings using renewables. He has written over 30 publications on this topic.

Mr. Young serves as Coordinator of Florida Space Coast Clean Cities Coalition for nine counties in East Central Florida. The Coalition promotes the use of alternative fuel vehicles for energy security and emission reduction. He also served for three years on the Florida Clean Fuels Advisory Board to the Governor. In his work in the area of alternative fuel technology, Mr. Young designed and constructed several hybrid electric vehicles and served as a technical advisor for student design projects. He conducted research for the Department of Defense on proof of concept and performance of hybrid electric vehicles and light emitting diode lamps. Mr. Young created the SunDay Challenge®, an alternative energy rally and educational outreach event held several years in succession during the 1990s. Through a National Science Foundation grant, he has developed a 3-credit hour web-based course on alternative fuel and hydrogen vehicles.


Trent M. Molter

Research Scientist and Business Development Officer Connecticut Global Fuel Cell Center 


Mr. Molter joined the Connecticut Global Fuel Cell Center in 2003 as a Research Scientist and Business Development Officer and is responsible for the development and marketing of new technology for fuel cell and hydrogen applications.  Mr. Molter is currently involved in the development of PEM fuel cell components and systems and new technologies for hydrogen generation.

 In 1996 Mr. Molter co-founded Proton Energy Systems, Inc. to commercialize PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) technology for industrial gas, transportation and energy applications.  In the capacity of Senior Vice President –Technology and New Business, Mr. Molter was responsible for the development and implementation of new technology solutions for hydrogen production and fuel cell-based energy storage.  Mr. Molter spearheaded the development of low cost hydrogen generators and regenerative fuel cell energy storage systems.  His initial focus was on developing manufacturing processes for membrane preparation, electrode fabrication and surface treatment of metal flow field structures. Mr. Molter led research efforts relating to the development of high performance and high-pressure electrolysis and regenerative fuel cell stacks.  He took an active role in business development, strategic planning, intellectual property management and company financing activities and was an active participant in the Company’s initial public offering in 2000.  Mr. Molter served on Proton’s Board of Directors from 1996 to 2002.

Prior to co-founding Proton, Mr. Molter was employed by United Technologies Corporation – Hamilton Standard Division.  In 1984 he served as the focal point for technology transfer efforts related to an acquisition of General Electric’s Direct Energy Conversion Operation focused on proton exchange membrane fuel cell and electrolysis technology.  His initial assignment was to develop novel materials for high performance PEM fuel cells and water electrolyzers.  Mr. Molter maintained leadership roles in the development of proton exchange membrane based products for commercial hydrogen production, automotive power and fueling, space and military life support, aircraft environmental control, space propulsion, and naval power production. 

Mr. Molter has been active in the hydrogen and fuel cell community since 1984.  Mr. Molter has served on the Board of Directors of the National Hydrogen Association from 2002 to 2004.  He has been an active member of The Electrochemical Society and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.


Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, The University of Connecticut, Anticipated Graduation 2006

M.S. Metallurgy – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1988

B.S. Chemical Engineering – Clarkson University 1984

U. S. Patents

Mr. Molter currently holds 32 U.S. patents and numerous international patents in the field of PEM fuel cells, electrochemistry and hydrogen generation technology.  Several key patents are noted below.

  1. U. S. Patent 6,659,049, Hydrogen Generation Apparatus for Internal Combustion Engines and Method Thereof
  2. U. S. Patent 6,666,961, High Differential Pressure Electrochemical Cell
  3. U. S. Patent 6,682,843, Integral Screen/Frame Assembly for an Electrochemical Cell
  4. U. S. Patent 6,613,215, Method for Electrolysis of Water Using a Polytetrafluoroethylene Supported Membrane in Electrolysis Cell.
  5. U. S. Patent 6,585,869, Means of Maintaining Compression of the Active Area in an Electrochemical Cell
  6. U. S. Patent 6,471,850, Low Gravity Electrochemical Cell
  7. U. S. Patent 6,383,361, Fluids Management System for Water Electrolysis
  8. U. S. Patent 6,365,032, Method for Operating a High Pressure Electrochemical Cell
  9. U. S. Patent 6,168,705, Electrochemical Gas Purifier
  10. U. S. Patent 5,651,929, High Performance Electrolytic Cell Electrode Structures and a Process for Preparing Such Electrode Structures
  11. U. S. Patent 5,529,683, Method For Preventing Degradation of Membranes Used in Electrolytic Ozone Production Systems During System Shutdown
  12. U. S. Patent  5,470,448 High Performance Electrolytic Cell Electrode/Membrane Structures and a Process for Preparing Such Electrode Structures
  13. U. S. Patent 5,320,718, Method for Removing Oxidizable Organic Compounds From an Aqueous Solution
  14. U. S. Patent 5,141,620, Device and Method for Separating and Compressing Carbon Dioxide From a Carbonate Salt 

Selected Publications & Presentations

Mr. Molter has numerous publications in the field of fuel cells, electrochemistry and hydrogen generation.  Several key publications are noted below.

  1. McElroy, J. F., Molter, T. M., Sexauer, R. N., “SPE Fuel Cells for Rigorous Underwater Applications”, 25th Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (IECEC), June, 1990
  2. McElroy, J. F., Molter, T. M., and Roy, R. J., “SPE Water Electrolyzers for Closed Environment Life Support”, SAE Techical Paper Series No. 911453, Presented at the 21st International Conference on Environmental Systems, San Francisco, CA, July 15-18, 1991
  3. Arkilander, W., Molter, T., “Oxygen Generator Design for Future Submarines”, Paper Presented at the 26th International Conference on Environmental Systems, July 1996
  4. Smith, W. F., and Molter, T. M., “Hogen™ Proton Exchange Membrane Hydrogen Generators:  Commercialization of PEM Electrolyzers”, Paper Presented at the 8th Annual Meeting of the National Hydrogen Association, Alexandria, VA, March 11-13, 1997
  5. Molter, T., Moulthrop, L., Quah, C. G., “Commercial Hydrogen Production Using PEM Electrolyzers: Leveraging a Proven Industrial and Product Heritage”, Poster Presented at the 8th Annual Meeting of the National Hydrogen Association, Alexandria, VA, March 11-13, 1997
  6. Molter, T., Byron, R., Dristy, M., Shiepe, J., “PEM Unitized Regenerative Fuel Cells for Integrated Renewable Hydrogen Energy Storage”, Poster Presented at the 9th Annual Meeting of the National Hydrogen Association, Washington, DC, March, 1998
  7. Molter, T., “PEM Unitized Regenerative Fuel Cells for Low Cost Energy Conversion and Storage”, Paper Presented at the EPRI Annual Review, 1998
  8. F. Mitlitsky, B. Myers, A. H. Weisberg, T. M. Molter, and W. F. Smith, “Reversible (Unitized) PEM Fuel Cell Devices”, Invited Presentation, Portable Fuel Cells International Conference, Lucerne, Switzerland, PP. 3-16, June 21 – 24 (1999); Feature Article, Fuel Cells Bulletin, No. 11, Aug (1999); UCRL-JC-134538
  9. Molter, T. M., “Regenerative Fuel Cell Technology and Applications”, Paper Presented at the Joint Fuel Cell Technology Review Conference, Chicago, IL, August 3-5, 1999
  10. Molter, T. M., “Business Issues Related to the Fuel Cell Industry”, Invited Panel Presentation, 2002 Spring Lecture Series – The Business of Sustainable Energy, Sponsored by the Yale Industrial Environmental Management (IEM) Program at the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, February 26, 2002
  11. E. Anderson, F. Mitlitsky, and T. Molter, “Recent Advances in Hydrogen Generation Using PEM Water Electrolysis”, 201st Meeting of the Electrochemical Society, Philadelphia, PA, May 12 – 17, 2002
  12. Molter, T. M., “Regenerative Fuel Cells for Renewable Energy Applications”, Paper Presented at the Rebuild America 2002 National Conference, New Orleans, LA, 2002
  13. F. Barbir, L. Dalton, S. Nomikos, M. Lillis, T. Molter, “Regenerative Fuel Cell:  A Fuel Cell That Generates its Own Hydrogen”, Paper Presented at the Eighth Grove Fuel Cell Symposium, London, UK, September 24 – 26, 2003


Karl W. Guenther – CEO – Sky Train –PI Grants

Summary of qualifications

An accountable, accomplished manager, possessing a high mechanical aptitude, with a solid history of professional contributions in social, government, management, information systems, equipment design and innovation. A leader, team oriented and hands on; in the full spectrum of research, experimentation, process definition, design and manufacturing process of products implementing increased reliability, decreased costs and inventories, including massive increases in the production of a quality product. Inventor, highly effective in focusing on relevant or critical tasks in any endeavor; very competent in generating ideas for realizing objectives and in establishing plans for achieving them.

Work experience

Sky Train Corporation (STC) - Clearwater, FL                                                       1995  Present (Resumes: )

Chief Executive Officer – FDOT listed Transportation Consultants, Licensed Engineering Firm with patent protection for three advancements in suspended rail. Developed 3 additional pending disclosures in Overhead Supported Light Rail Systems; covering electronics, lower cost switching for the patented systems and other enhancing features. One innovation increases speed on curves by up to 1/3 over tilt trains with the troublesome, complex, heavy, energy consuming tilt-mechanisms unnecessary.

Currently, pursuing transportation strategy to establish monorail installation funding is requested to establish a monorail installation at Tampa’s Museum Of Science and Industry, to be expanded over the Greater Tampa Bay Area. Originally funded by a Technological Research Development Authority (TRDA) grant, achieved patent protection and building a 1/6 size computerized operating vehicle demonstrating reduced energy needs, innovative structures, improving safety in hurricanes and floods.

A recent document of the effects of the No-Name Storm during our Marina Crane design on Sky Train outlines the lasting effects of such an event on our designs making Sky Train a FEMA solution. We have identified a list of 38 specific features where STC matches, adds or exceeds performance over competing modes of transportation. It is classified as an energy saving solution to transportation by several associations including Florida’s TRDA and the National Research Energy (Development) Laboratory. STC has also been peer reviewed and listed by the National Science Foundation as notable for system development. A brochure and web sites further explain our products.

Suncoast Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. - Safety Harbor, FL.                                1992 - 1996    

President - A custom Design and Build Machining and Fabrication operation. Worked with major corporations on various projects:

  Inex Vision Systems, Div. of Barry Wehmiller Corp. Re-designed and manufactured Pro-Laser bottle automated inspection machines. Delivered two machines per month.

  Honeywell: Designed Freon (CFC) Reclamation equipment, also Manufactured the Encapsulation system for 10 PIGA Mechanical Accelerometer.

  Conax FL.: Value engineered and fabricated Inspection and Process Gauging duplication for manufacturing in Japan.

  Unival Div. of American Signal: Designed and built automated testing equipment for commercial valves.

Suncoast Marina Inc. Hernando Beach, FL.                                               1987 - 1994

As owners, operated with wife Nancy a Marina Complex (Suncoast Fisheries Inc.), consisting of DBA’s (Suncoast Engineering & Machining), a Design & Build Machining Operation (Suncoast Marina), Marine Repair, (Sea K’s) Seafood Restaurant with Liquor License. Suncoast Marina was also a wholesale retail seafood operation supplying Ice, Fuel and boat storage with 22 employees.

Highlights were: Negotiated with the County Government on codes compliance, bringing the oldest marina in the county to specification. Was elected by business owners to the Hernando County Committee of 100.

G.A.T.M.: We facilitated an expansion of their manufacturing operation from $6 to $22 million in a six-month period.” We continued operating “Suncoast Engineering & Machining Inc.” it had had been relocated to Safety Harbor two years earlier for larger quarters and tripled in size with sophisticated Computer Operated Machines.



Funded in Part by the Technological Research and Development Authority (TRDA) through strategic alliances with NASA, the federal government, the aerospace industry, and state partners – including the Department of Education, Enterprise Florida and the Department of Community Affairs. In 2006 with their SATOP, NASA did joint design of Gimbals Connectors for STC.

Illinois Institute of Technology - Ran Wind Tunnel test 1995 on new Transit Concept with Under Graduates.

USF & CUTR  - Initiated a formal Teaming Agreement to get mutual grants since 1994.


Gulf Controls School of Fluid Power Course (Air and Hydraulics - 1990

Illinois Institute of Technology (½ credited) MBA – Finance

Illinois Institute of Technology Bachelor of Science - Industrial Engineering - 1970

University of Illinois Bachelor of Science - Engineering Physics 2 years

University of Michigan - Licensed Instructor from affiliated Methods Times Motion Corporation -1965

US Army - Nike Air Defense Missile Systems, Electronics, Chemical, Bacteriological, Radiological Warfare

Civil Air Patrol (USF Auxiliary) O’Hare AFB - Captain - Aviation Training, repaired instrument flight simulators, passed all available courses – was an instructor in Aviation topics, search and rescue – Served as the Illinois Wing Communications Commandant of Cadets. Was selected 1 of 100,000 Cadets to attend the Jet-Orientation course at Perrin Air force base TX, as an award, including the Congressional Dinner. Professional memberships

National Space Society; South West Florida Chapter – Treasurer

Who’s Who Business Award 1994-95 & 1999-2000

Cinch “Invest-O-Matic” Stock Club - President

American Society of Value Engineers, Chicago - Secretary

Volunteer experience

Currently member of Pinellas County Citizens’ Advisory Committee (11th year) to the Metropolitan Planning Organizations of Pinellas County,

Currently a member of the regional advisory committee, to FDOT’s seven county “Chairs Coordinating Committee” of joint MPO’s.

Past President - Clearwater Bombers & Colt 45’s National Champions, Hosted ASA Championship in 1997, Committee of 100 of Hernando County, FL. Worked with County Zoning Chairman – 4 years - Pinellas County Vocational Technical School - Started a Course on Warehousing.

Civil Air Patrol USAF Auxiliary - Completed all examinations -Awarded Jet Orientation Course, Congressional Dinner. Taught and repaired “Link” instrument Flight Simulators. Illinois Wing Cadet Commander - attained rank of Captain.

Patents and publications

Panelist at the 2005, and 2006 International Space Development Conference on Lunar “Heavy Rover” Design for Habitat. Officer NSS. Has patented, disclosed and is working on patents relating to Overhead Supported Light Rail. Patent 7,124,692 was granted October 2006 for three rearranged rail designs. Presently we have 2 mechanical and 1 electronic patents pending.



  Larry Jopek

  Vice President of Marketing and Community Partnerships

  Florida West Coast Public Broadcasting, Inc.


  Tampa, Florida


With more than 25 years of executive level commercial television sales and marketing experience, Larry Jopek has refocused his efforts to support community-owned television.  For more than four years, Mr. Jopek has served as the Vice President of Marketing and Community Partnerships for Florida’s largest PBS television station – WEDU-TV.  In this capacity, Jopek shows for-profit companies, as well as non-profit and other community organizations, how to build brand awareness by joining forces with PBS programs.  His success is based from his passion to help these non-profits and community coalitions create and implement effective marketing campaigns to bring awareness for their missions. He has been fundamental in bringing partnerships together resulting in over a dozen productions in just the last four years.

One of Mr. Jopek’s recent successes came about in March 2006 with the broadcast of "A Town Hall Meeting: Florida's Kids & Alcohol." By partnering with The Florida Governor's Office of Drug Control, Florida's Drug Free Communities, Live Free Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Pinellas County and The Hillsborough County Anti-Drug Alliance, the program opened up frank discussions about teens and alcohol use and abuse; this Town Hall Meeting was broadcast by every PBS station within the state of Florida.

Currently, Mr. Jopek has been a member of several non-profit Boards, including The Hillsborough County Anti-Drug Alliance and Live Free Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Pinellas County, for which he is the past Chairman.

  Mr. Jopek is a graduate of Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing.  He has resided in Tampa for twenty years    with his wife Ginny.


 Jack Conely

 WEDU Director of Production/Executive Producer

 Florida West Coast Public Broadcasting, Inc.


 Tampa, Florida


  Mr. Conely has over 17 years experience in award winning program development and production, and facilities management.  As Director of   Production at WEDU, he develops and oversees local program production in addition to managing a revenue budget of over $1,000,000.  He is the   Executive Producer of the weekly political roundtable Florida This Week, in addition to the monthly programs in WEDU’s schedule: A Gulf Coast   Journal, Suncoast Business Forum, Smart Health, and Up Close with Cathy Unruh. Jack most recently served as the Executive Producer of the     Emmy Award winning documentaries – Central Avenue Remembered and Dolphin Rescue. National PBS credits have included Andre Rieu,   Cartooning with Blitz, H.O.P.E. Formula, and Fiber 35: Nature’s Weight Loss Secret.


  Mr. Conely graduated from the University of Florida, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications. He and his wife Nydia have called   Tampa home for over ten years.

Dan Simpson

Chief Research Scientist

Currently, employed by the College of Engineering at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga (UTC) as their Chief Research Scientist in the Advanced Technologies for Transportation Research Program (ATTRP); a non-profit organization; experience of reporting to a board of trustees and also overseeing numerous individuals in various engineering disciplines, i.e. civil, mechanical, electrical, computer and environmental engineering. We are expanding our program of testing of new energy storage technologies. We are also building a test track for vehicle testing.

Prior to coming to UTC was the Director of Laboratories at the Florida Institute of Technology. During a 15-year successful tenure at Florida Tech responsibilities as an executive engineering manager was to manage multiple programs and projects, oversaw a technical support team and the technical operations for the entire university campus, coordinated all facilities planning and maintenance activities; lab upgrades and initiated new lab development activities for 162 multifunctional engineering and science laboratories. Duties also included managing all aspects of a Technical Service Team consisting of 40 employees and 4 operational budgets, interfacing with numerous departments, local, state and federal agencies to facilitate prioritized laboratory expansion, implementing a safety program to meet OSHA requirements and created an emergency management plan for the college of engineering.

Skilled, creative and resourceful management professional, successes over the years have been built upon a strong foundation in effective communications, diplomacy, integrity and relationship building. In addition to these valuable attributes; brings to the table is a list of celebrated accomplishments achieved while working in various areas of project management, construction management, engineering design/application, and business development. Mr. Simpson has been an advisor to Sky Train since 1995.

Additional strength in marketing has lent itself on many occasions to provide meaningful inputs in achieving targeted goals. One highlight of development activities includes assisting with courting the Olin Foundation to grant Florida Tech $64million to construct two 70,000 sq. ft. engineering/science, teaching and research buildings; involved in all phases of planning, construction and setup for these projects. Dan personally brought into Florida Tech millions of dollars worth of resources to supplement the university laboratories; created successful recruiting strategies to attract Engineering students; managed the College of Engineering web content and took the lead in laying out ideas for printed marketing materials.

Dan has been the key spokesman for many organizations, creating and giving many presentations to a significant number of international dignitaries, local, state, federal agencies, industry executives and the general public. Dan held a Manufacturing Engineering Certification; NASA Flight Hardware Engineering Certification, have been presented the Society of Manufacturing Engineers Presidents Award three times and have received multiple prestigious awards for exemplary and extraordinary contributions to the success of Florida Tech, Dan currently holds a DOD Security Clearance and worked with Homeland Security on national security issues.


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of South Florida


Ph.D 1984, Civil Engineering, State University of New York, Buffalo, NY

M.A.Sc 1970, Civil Engineering, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

B.Tech 1968, Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India


Florida, Licence Number 36886


Fellow, American Concrete Institute, 2003

Fellow, American Society of Civil Engineers, 2001

Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, USF, Tampa FL 1993

Samuel and Julia Flom Endowed Chair, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, USF, Tampa FL 1997

Adjunct Professor, School Architecture and Community Design, USF, Tampa FL 1986


Department of Transport, St. Christopher House, Southwark Street, London SE1, UK

Highway Engineering Computer Branch (1972-79)

Bridges Engineering Standards Division (1979-83)


Member, Editorial Board, ASCE Journal of Composites for Construction, 2002-

External Reviewer, Order of Ontario Award, Canada, 2002.

Member, Awards Panel, International Concrete Repair Institute, Des Plaines, IL, 2003.

American Society of Civil Engineers, Subcommittee S8 on Advanced Composites, Secretary

American Concrete Institute, Committee on Fiber Reinforced Polymers, Member,

Experimental Analysis for Concrete Structures, Member, Fatigue

Florida Masonry Handbook Committee, Member

BS 5400 Computer Committee, Highways Engineering Computer Branch, London, Secretary


Presidential Award for Faculty Excellence, University of South Florida, 2003

Plenary Lecture, CONMAT 2003, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India 2003.

NSF sponsored US Representative to International Conferences Belgium (1995), India (1995), Japan (1997)

Teaching Incentive Program Award, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, 1995

Outstanding ResearcherAward, College of Engineering, University of South Florida, 1993

Certificate of Merit, American Institute of Architects, Tampa, 1992

Authors & Artists Award, USF, 1992

Seconded to Freeman, Fox & Partners, London, UK, 1980

First in Graduating Class, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, 1968

Institute Merit Scholar, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967

FUNDED PROJECTS: PI for 36 research projects funded by state (FDOT), federal (NSF, NCHRP, FHWA,

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Office of Naval Research), county (Hillsborough) and private (Florid Concrete

Products) agencies..

PUBLICATIONS: Over 180 technical publications in refereed journals, symposia, conference proceedings etc. Also over 100 technical presentations at national and international conferences, workshops, symposia. Co-editor of one book. Over 35 invited presentations.


Hector M. Guevara, Ph.D.

Biography Highlights

Hector is the founder, chairman of the board, and president of various corporations, including Nu Energy Group, Inc., a public company, previously trading on the OTC and now being held inactive (operations/trading stopped).  In January of 2006, Hector created Nu Dimensions Group, Inc., a Florida corporation, which is now being primed to replace the operations of all of Hector’s previous Long Island, New York operations.

In July 1986, Hector founded Hytech Industries Corp., with its last manufacturing facility located in Bohemia, Long Island, New York.  Hytech was a minority-owned design engineering and contract manufacturing company, which primarily serviced the passenger rail transit industry for the past twenty years, e.g., Long Island RR, MTA NYC Transit, Metro North, Amtrak, etc. with millions of dollars in annual revenues. One of Hytech Industries’ most notable completed projects in the rail transit industry was having co-designed and manufactured the hybrid control system for Amtrak’s new Acela high-speed locomotives and power cars.

Hytech Industries also became recognized for developing and marketing renewable energy systems throughout the world.  Prior to founding Hytech, Dr. Guevara was the founder and president of Alternate Energy Industries Corp. in New York City.  Beginning in 1976, Alternate Energy developed an international market in solar products, with annual revenues that reached approximately $5,000,000. In 1979 the President of The United States, Jimmy Carter, wanted a solar system installed and Hector’s company, Alternate Energy, was chosen to install the solar system in the White House.

Dr. Guevara has devoted the past 30 years to research and development of renewable energy systems.  Dr. Guevara’s companies designed and or produced many of the most notable solar, wind, and hydroelectric systems deployed throughout the world. The results of his research and development have been assigned to his new Florida Corporation, Nu Dimensions Group, Inc.

Dr. Guevara attended the University of Maryland with studies leading towards a B.S.M.E. from 1967 to 1970.  In 2001/02 Dr. Guevara also attended the State University of New York (SUNY) with matriculated course work leading towards an Engineering Management Degree Program.  While on this program, Dr. Guevara participated in SUNY’s mentor protégé program.  In 2002 SUNY’s Small Business Development Center selected Dr. Guevara as the Hispanic Entrepreneur of the Year.

Dr. Guevara was conferred with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering by Shaftesbury University (London) in January 2002; Dr. Guevara also holds an MBA and a BBA.


v      Member The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

v      Member American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

v      Member of The American Public Transportation Association

v      Member of Solar Energy Industry Association

v      Member of US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

v      Member of Latin American Manufacturing Association

v      Member of National Minority Business Council

v      Member Regional Alliance for Small Contractors





Jan H. Zicha, PE RA

QUALIFICATIONS: Civil/Structural Engineer. Railway Technology Specialist. Special Expertise in High-Speed Rail and Rapid Transit  

LICENSES: Registered Professional Civil Engineer: Maryland 12820, Wisconsin 21397-006.

EDUCATION: University of Zilina, Czechoslovakia, 1965

Major: Transportation Infrastructures/Railway track and structures, European Engineering Diploma, MS Equivalent, 167 credit hours.     

Almeda University, Idaho, USA, Master of Science, Major in Civil Engineering, 2005. Update.


Jan H. Zicha has extensive and in some areas unique domestic and international experience in civil, structural and railway engineering. He has served as a Project Manager, Infrastructure Team Leader, Principal Structural Engineer, Principal Trackwork Engineer, Director of Research and Development, and Railway Technology Specialist on major domestic and international projects.

His major achievements are Seoul-Pusan High-Speed Rail Line built to his specifications, and in its initial stages designed under his leadership. The line operates at 218 Mph (350 km/h) speed specified by Jan H. Zicha in 1989. Also, his research reports Development of Specific Criteria for Upgrading Existing Track and Roadbed for High Speed Operations. FRA Order No.: DTFR53-00-P-00377, 2000 to 2001, is a major contribution to railway technology.

Jan H. Zicha stays abreast of the state of the art and participates in its enhancement by his own research and by his work for several professional organizations. Jan H. Zicha is exceptionally efficient, and his level of energy is way above the average normally found within his age group. His hands-on experience includes decorative stone structures, which he builds as his hobby in his free time.

 Jan H. Zicha is experienced in the following fields:

A. Combination of Railway Engineering and Structural Engineering

The rapid transit projects in Shenzhen, China, 2003, Buenos Aires, 2001 to 2002, Caracas, 2001,

Bogota 1999 to 2000, Bangkok 1998, Kaohsiung 1993 to 1994, Washington and Baltimore (WMATA and MTA) 1978 to 1989 and Prague 1969 to 1971 included not only railway engineering tasks such as trackwork and railway operations but also specific civil and structural assignments, namely bridges, tunnels, buildings and foundation design. The main client on international projects was Louis Berger Group. The previous employer was Ralph M. Parsons Corporation.

The same applies to high-speed rail projects in Korea, Honam HSR 2002 to 2003, East-West HSR 1994 to 1995, and Seoul-Pusan HSR 1989 to 1991, to the West Bank-Gaza Connector for mixed traffic operations 2005 to 2006, and to Commuter Rail in Istanbul 1997. Also, Development of Slabtrack for High-Speed Passenger and Heavy Axle Load Freight Operations, Pueblo, Colorado, and PCA labs in Chicago, 2000 to present. Also, Development of Specific Criteria for Upgrading Existing Track and Roadbed for High Speed Operations. FRA Order No.: DTFR53-00-P-00377. 2000 to 2001. 

B. Structural Engineering

Residential and public buildings, design and construction, 2004 to present, Salt Storage Building in Washington DC, 2001 to 2002, Industrial structures in Baltimore 1977, BWI Airport building, Pier A and B, 1974 to 1975.

Bridge design: Extensive bridge and tunnel aspects of the above mentioned recent railway projects 1978 to 2006. Highway I-95 bridges, railway bridges, and WMATA Minnesota Ave bridges 1972 to 1977,

      Pre-fabricated railroad bridges for emergency use, Czechoslovakia, 1966.

Material Engineering: Retrofit of cracked concrete members, and members damaged by alkali aggregate reaction, by vacuum penetration with methyl methacrylate, WMATA 1986 to 1989, and Taipei 1994.

C. Trackwork and Railway Engineering

Specialized use of Autocad 2004 to generate drawings of station track groups, Israel 2006.

Trackwork supply industry engineering. Track Components Development, Laboratory Testing, and Special Trackwork Manufacture. American Track Systems, Inc. in 1996, and Sonneville International Corporation 1991 to 1993. Quality control, Eurotunnel between United Kingdom and France, 1992. Trackwork fastening qualification and production testing, Los Angeles, Taipei and Prague, 1993 to 1997.

D. Geotechnical Exploration by Remote Sensing Methods of Engineering Geophysics

Utilization of georadar, microseismics and microgravimetry for the generation of geotechnical profile for the design, construction quality control, performance monitoring and maintenance planning of railroad track. Utilization of Controlled Source Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves Method for non-intrusive production of boring logs’ equivalents for structural foundation design.

E. Highway Design, Construction Supervision and Surveying

Access roads to railway yards and railway lines, 1989 to 2006. Paved recreational trails, proposal stage, present. Prague-Brno Highway Project in Czech Republic, 1967 to 1968.

F. University Teaching

Czech University of Technology, Prague, Railroad Engineering Teaching, Prague, 1968 to 1969.


American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Railway Transportation Committee, formerly High-Speed Ground Transportation Committee, Chairman, 1989 to 1990, and 1999 to 2005, Founding Member, 1983 to present time. Member of the Operations and Safety Council from November 2004.

American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association (AREMA), Committee 17 on High Speed Rail, Responsibility for track/train interaction aspects of the Subcommittee on Track, Structures and Track/train Interaction, Secretary and Vice Chairman Emeritus, Founding Member, since 1988.

Transportation Research Board of National Academy of Sciences, Affiliate, Member of A2M01 Committee on Railroad Track, 1999 to 2001.

High Speed Ground Transportation Association (HSGTA), ASCE Joint Technical Session Chairman at HSGTA Annual Conferences in Seattle, 1998, and Milwaukee, 2001.

Washington Area Railway Engineering Society (WARES), Founding Member and former Vice–President, 1980 to present time.

PUBLICATION: Refer to the Attachment

CITIZENSHIP: USA, Czech Republic                                         

LANGUAGES: English, Czech, and Russian.


HOBBIES: Stone artwork, travel, backpacking, skiing, swimming, violin playing, and singing.


Civil Aspects of New Generation Railways for Asia. Rail Solutions Asia, Hong Kong, March 28, 2003

Ballastless Track of Eurotunnel LVT and its Global Utilization to Achieve Unprecedented Reduction of Track Maintenance, and Development of Ballastless Track Systems in USA. Conference on the Modernization of Railway Lines, Sponsored by European Comission as a part of Centier Excelencie Project, Zilina, Slovak Republic, November 6, 2001

Development of Specifications for Upgrading Existing Railroad Track to Support High Speed Passenger and Heavy Axle Load Freight Operations, Annual Conference of High Speed Ground Transportation Association in Milwaukee, ASCE Session, USA, May 17, 2001

Challenges of Upgrading Existing Railroad Track to High Speed Passenger Operations, Annual Conference on High Speed Ground Transportation in Seattle, USA, High Speed Ground Transportation Association, June 8, 1999.

Perspectives of High Speed Rail in the USA and Far East, The First International Conference on Advanced Transportation, Pardubice, Czech Republic, September 19, 1995.

Upgrading Existing Lines for High Speeds: Infrastructure Aspects and Limitations. Presentation at the Eleventh International Convention on High Speed Rail and Magnetic Levitation. San Francisco, May 4, 1994.

High Speed Rail Loading Scenario and Dynamic Tuning of the Track, Paper and Presentation at the ASCE International Conference on High Speed Rail, Orlando, Florida, October 26, 1992. Proceedings.

High Speed Rail Systems in the United States, Journal of Transportation Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 111, No. 2, March 1984, co-author.


Upgrading Track and Roadbed for High Speed Rail Operations, Specific Criteria Development,

FRA Order No.: DTFR53-00-P-00377. January 30, 2001. Dynamic track train interaction analyses for a sample high speed rail and for a representative heavy axle load vehicle; trackwork and geotechnical requirements of high-speed passenger and heavy-axle-load operations on the same track. Associated software development and parametric studies. This work influenced the direction of railway research in the US, and it is reflected in several FRA-AAR research programs at the Transportation Test Venter in Pueblo, Colorado.

Geotechnical Exploration by Remote Sensing Methods of Engineering Geophysics for the Seoul– Pusan High Speed Rail Line. Innovative methods of highly economical evaluation of route and alignment territory to ensure adequate subgrade quality necessary for high speed running, Seoul, Korea, 1992.

Aerodynamic Resistance of High-Speed Rail Tunnels. Research results obtained in cooperation with the Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Theoretical and Applied Dynamics, 1991. The report includes actual values of air resistance for TGV, ICE and Shinkansen trains as a function of speed, length of tunnels, size of tunnels, and air temperature.


Douglas J. Tobin, PE, RA

President & CEO of ARC International Associates Inc.

Registered Architect

Professional Engineer

Brief Resume


bullet Project Director, Program Management, Construction Management
bullet Transportation Terminal Design and Planning
bullet Building Architecture, Electrical, Fire-Protection, HVAC, Structural Engineering
bullet Airport Master Planning & Design
bullet Cargo Handling Systems Design and Engineering
bullet Baggage Handling Systems Design and Engineering
bullet Concessions Master Planning & Design
bullet System and Building Interface Architecture and Engineering
bullet Cargo/Warehouse Facility and Material Handling Systems Architecture and Engineering

Mr. Tobin has vast experience in airport master planning & design, baggage handling systems design and engineering, building and facility architecture, electrical, fire-protection, HVAC, structural engineering.  He has provided technical services for cargo handling systems design and engineering, concessions master planning & design, package handling systems design and engineering, system and building interface architecture and engineering, and warehouse facility and material handling systems architecture and engineering.  His professional expertise extends from architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, fire protection building systems planning, design and engineering to specialty baggage handling, cargo, freight handling systems design and engineering.  Mr. Tobin has provided architecture and engineering services for major airport cargo and passenger terminals projects located throughout the US, JFK; PIA, MIA, DFW, SFO, etc.  Internationally at the Dubai International Airport, New Quito International Airport, New Athens International Airport, Greece; New Seoul International Airport, Korea; Changi International Airport, Singapore; Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia; HACTL Cargo Terminals 1 and 2, Tai Tak International Airport, Hong Kong; Milano Linate and Milano Malpensa Airports, Milan Italy...etc.  Projects include numerous Baggage, Cargo, and Material Handling Systems.  Mr. Tobin has developed over US $2.5 billion worth of projects within the U.S. and internationally on commercial and industrial projects.

2.0       Architectural Registrations

bullet Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Illinois, Mass, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia

3.0       Professional Engineer Registrations

bullet Connecticut, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont

4.0       Professional Organizations

bullet NCARB Registered Architect
bullet New York Society of Professional Engineers

5.0       Education

bullet New York Institute of Technology - Bachelor of Architecture (5-year)

      Graduated - 1980 - Magna Cum Laude

bullet Norwalk State Technical College

      Norwalk, Ct. - Associates Degree in Architectural Engineering  (2-year)

            Graduated – 1976 – Summa Cum Laude


Francis C. P. Knize

Director of Sales for Sky Train Corp for nearly two years. He has been instrumental in creating relationships with Connecticut museums for an exhibit of the Sky Train concept. He has brought to the table associations with other firms, governmental agencies, political proponents, and relevant organizations. He formally was a design consultant, and Director of Sales for premier Architectural Engineering firm; ARC International, Inc., specializing in Airport Facility Design, container handling, concessions design, baggage handling design, facilities design. Mr. Knize is also a formidable Video and Film director, specializing in new technologies communication. He follows a personal mandate to create associations with the finest in the "New Energy field", Environmental field, and Space Development Industry.

Mr. Knize has spent a lifetime in an investigative role making documentaries. His area of interest is the Law and its definition presently working on a documentary, Science and new innovations, the Development of space having made a documentary at interviews at the International Space Development Conference.  

 Film: The Greening of Staples High School: Report on : "{Mr. Knize interviewed} Bill McDonough, founding member of the American Institute of Architects Committee on the Environment, and currently on the board of the US Green Building Council, speaks directly to Staples students and Westporters about the wonderful opportunities the renovation of their high school can bring to them. Bill graduated Class of '69. Portions of this extraordinary interview, filled with dozens of practical and cost-effective solutions to many of the problems currently facing the Staples plan, are included in a documentary produced by Frank Knize. ...aired on Norwalk Cablevision Channel 77. Footage was shown at the Westport Public Library on Wednesday March 19th 2003. - On Thursday, Diane Lauricella, director of the Fairfield County Sierra Club chapter, spoke on the behalf of its membership about the urgent need to address issues of sustainability ....contacted Bill McDonough for his help, I discovered reading the letter he wrote to Westporters on our behalf to architect Abe Rothenberg that Bill graduated class of '69, On Friday Ken Boehm, Frank Knize and I drove to New York to meet Bill who granted us a videotaped interview prior to his speaking engagement to the National Association of Independent Schools annual conference at the Rockefeller Plaza Hilton. We were joined by Sam Salamay & Stan Klein of Associated Environmental Technologies. Bill spoke directly to Staples students and Westporters.

 Mr. Knize's activities also include government agencies involved with the exploration of space and new technologies. His latest documentary "ISDC 2005; A Vision For Space" involved interviews with National Space Society attendants, some of whom are pivotal to actual development of a culture in space, and colonization/habitation of the Moon and Mars within the next 10 years. He offers to the network-broadcasting arena innovative, imaginative, and compelling projects in science, which represent the cutting edge of our technological society, and to show the pathways for which the human future lies. Mr. Knize has been active as a Public Outreach and Educational Outreach producer for over eight years, offering communications projects to NASA that coordinate with science museums around the country, and outstanding science classrooms and teachers. Mr. Knize has also served to help define policy issues concerning NASA's mandates and certain congressional acts in reference to NASA. He has also produced reports on Peer Review with respect to the Office for Management Budget's requests for comments from the public. This report to be found at the following link:

Mr. Knize has also been active in the enforcement of the Data Quality Act, to ensure that NASA's space probe data retains its credibility, reproducibility, integrity, and transparency within the agency's archives. Mr. Knize also believes there can be much improvement concerning the communications abilities through the NASA Public Affairs Office, where better flexibility and acceptance of a variety of public relations ventures would be suitable policy for that department. He continues to work toward this end, to improve dissemination capability to accommodate widest possible dissemination policy. He also serves to improve NASA's mandated connection (NASA Appropriations Act of 2000; Section 314) with outside entities and scientific groups for discussion and peer review of SETI topics.