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Karl W. Guenther, Sr. Chief Executive Officer. As Sky Train's Founder is credited for being the pioneer and visionary since 1987. Karl is President of the joint venture in England called Sky Rail UK Limited. Academically, Karl, working on a MBA in Finance, completed his BS in Industrial Engineering. Originally majoring in Engineering Physics, licensed as an Methods-Times-Motion (MTM) Instructor from the University of Michigan, with various other awards and certificates, including being listed in the National Directory of Who's Who in Executives and Professionals.

During the last Fifteen Years he has served on boards of Six Corporations. Seeing himself as a Company Growth Consultant and Manager; he was instrumental in Five Corporations attaining an annual growth rate from 33 - 366% concurrently increasing profits. While with Emerson Electric for 10 years, Karl has had responsibilities as Corporate Packaging Manager, Division Materials Manager and Engineering Manager, involved in developing products and systems as well as new applications through the management and engineering process. By being results oriented in Privately owned Commercial Cam Corporation, the pre-tax profit increased by 300%, sales doubled the first three years, causing Emerson's Acquisition of the Company. Over the next ten years they grew another 470% always maintaining expanded Profitability.

Active as President of the Clearwater Bombers softball teams, (Worlds most winning team) and a member of the CAC advisory committee to the Metropolitan Planning Organization, Pinellas. VP of Operations for Landmann manufacturing a newly patented golf ball driving range picker. Presently redesigning the product line to also handle rough terrain and adding new features. Previously contracted by New Thermal Technologies Inc. to design and patent new lines of desiccant dryers, while also involved in the establishment of a laboratory to formulate standards for ASHRAE, for desiccant drying. Mr. Guenther is working with Universities such as: Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR); University of South Florida (USF); Florida Institute of Technology (FIT), Florida Atlantic University in Florida, and Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) to verify new futuristic concepts to further improve these systems in the future.

Wilfred Sergeant is Vice President, Planning and Operations, of Sky Train. Graduating with Honors Degrees of Science in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, he is now a member (Retired) of the Order of Engineers of Quebec. His early training was with the English Electric Company and with the London Subway System in England. From this he derives a thorough understanding of the influence that different service requirements will have upon the combinations of vehicle weights, required accelerations and braking rates, maximum speeds, engine power installed on board the vehicles or line power demands in electrified systems, strength and power-handling capacity of vehicle drive systems, and adhesive factors of wheel/rail interfaces. He then has 34 years of management responsibility with the Canadian National Railways in Canada.

Wilfred brings to Sky Train Corporation his knowledge and experience with Canadian National Railways, managing the planning and operations of an extensive main line railway; long distance, high speed passenger and freight trains as well as intensive commuter services. His crowning achievement was the development, inauguration and operation of a new rail commuter service in Toronto called GO-TRANSIT totally under his management! He is presently completing a book about his and his associates actions in the start-up-process.

He worked later as Management Consultant in many different consulting assignments in Canada, Europe and in South America, having an opportunity to learn from these experiences about conditions on railroads in other countries. More recently he has made studies and recommendations for commuter and transit lines in Canada and in Argentina. Now he brings this knowledge to the transit systems being evaluated by The Sky Train Corporation.

Papers and Reports:

"Privatization of Buenos Aires Commuter Railways": Argentina, 1992

"The 1989 Revue": VIA-Rail Canada, 1989

"High Speed Trains for the Quebec-Windsor Corridor" VIA-Rail Canada, 1984

"What is a station?": Transport Research Board, Washington, 1980

"Safety at Grade Crossings for Trains at Speeds up to 200km/h": TRB, Washington, 1977

"Access to Mirabelle Airport": Government of Quebec, Canada, 1974

Jose R. Danon is Principal-in-Charge of Construction, Sky Train. Jose is Adjunct Professor at of the University of South Florida. He was first introduced to us by recommendation, to be in charge of the duct design for the obtaining of a grant. Jose has managed and designed concrete (cast in place and pre-cast), steel, masonry and wood commercial and industrial buildings, bridges, parking garages, churches, navy facilities, value and forensic engineering. Responsibilities include full supervision, fee proposals, client liaison, structural design, writing of structural specifications, construction documents and inspection. Transportation training includes surveying, materials, highway design, pavement design and testing, railroad design and urban transportation systems. Other projects too numerous to mention include hotels, hospitals, High Rise buildings (including the 75 story Texas Commerce Tower), nuclear containment building analysis, shopping malls, petrochemical plants. The Corpus Christi Bridge, here - writing the computer program for its model and building the first segmental cantilevered concrete bridge in the USA. He has written many computer simulation programs including seismic forces according to the Uniform Construction Code, cantilever bridges, warping stress, concrete columns etc. His research on losses in pre-stressed concrete resulted in changes to the AASHTO specifications. In designing the Sky Train Support Structure, which we call the "duct", Jose is working as part of a University of South Florida's team together with:

Rajan Sen, Ph.D. PE Professor Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. Assisting with grant development.

Victor Sergeant PE is Vice President, Overseas Markets, of Sky Train. Victor graduated from London University with honors degrees of Science in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and is member of both the Institution of Electrical Engineers and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in the United Kingdom, . His early training was with the London Subway System in England, and later with British Rail in Derby, England. From this he derives a thorough understanding of the influence that different service requirements will have on the combinations of: vehicle weights, required accelerations, braking rates, maximum speeds, engine power installed on board the vehicles, or line power demands in electrified systems, strength and power handling capacity of vehicle drive systems, and adhesive factors of wheel/rail interfaces.

Victor came to the USA in 1977 on a program for the exchange of technical support to the General Electric Company, Erie, Pennsylvania. This resulted in permanent employment with that company for 22 years, where he held management positions in design of electric and diesel-electric locomotives, exportation of US products, legal obligations in exporting to foreign countries, and relations with companies overseas involved in manufacturing under GE licenses. Now at GE he is functioning as Management Consultant in many different assignments across the world, having an opportunity to learn from these experiences about conditions on railroads in other countries. Now he brings this knowledge to the transit systems being promoted by The Sky Train Corporation.

Papers and Reports:

"Recent Developments in Diesel Locomotive Power, Transmission and Braking" Railway Technology International, 1999 (Published September, 1998)

"Adhesion" Modern Railways, March 1998

"Replaceable Units keep GE Locos rolling" Railway Gazette International, August 1997
"GE Repowers Russian Built 2TE10's"

"The Use of Adhesion", Railway Technology International, September 1997

Heavy Haul Locomotives in the twenty First Century" Capetown, South African Republic 1997
Sixth International Heavy Haul Conference

"Factors affecting Adhesion Utilization", Birmingham England, RailTech 1996

"Computer controlled Locomotives for the Australian Pilbara", Brisbane, Australia, 1989

"Some recent developments in US locomotives" Institution of Mechanical Engineers, York, England, 1987

Contributor to the "Electrical Engineer's Reference Book" Pub. Butterworth & Say

"Auxiliary Electrical Supplies for Passenger Coaches" Award, Institute of Mechanical Engineers. England Oct. 1972

Nancy A. Guenther is Vice President of Administration Sky Train Corp. having spent the last nine years with the development of the concept as it evolves, from serving a Marina function to that of passengers. has worked, as Lead Operator, Instructor and Accounts Receivable administrator; she introduced her version of a training program for operators at the Convention of the National Association of Answering Services. Her retrained organization was awarded the best in the south, third highest rank nationally, of all answering services. She also has experience the legal field and sales, Wholesale Art and the Phone Industry. Her experience with the public has been continual. Her last undertaking was serving as Owner and Operator of a Marina Complex consisting of Seafood Restaurant, two fueling operations, Marine Repair and Seafood Processing Operation. Her outstanding accomplishments included being one of the first Female Owned and Operated Service Station and Modeling Management Company in Pinellas County. Nancy proved herself as an accomplished salesperson with Mary Kay Cosmetics ranking three years running in the low teens compared to 30,000 consultants. Her assistance in the operation of a Design and Build Machining Operation, work with computer systems and work in the legal profession make her a natural in the management and profitability of Sky Train. She holds a position of Facilities Mgr transitioning through IMRglobal an Information Technology Company, purchased by CGI Canada, now owned by Crum Staffing also in charge of security and coordinating communications.

Budd M. R. Morris is the Sky Train's Vice-President of Marketing.

Budd is currently running his own company Small Cap Resources, and previously involved as the president and founding force of the Internet Stock Exchange, working in the financing of large municipal or non-profit ventures including transit systems.. Budd worked for American Stores Company a $22 Billion dollar grocery/general merchandise retailer based in Salt Lake City, Utah for 26 years, launching the super store concept, becoming the Vice-President- Marketing/Sales/Operations, for Jewel-Osco of Florida. Mr. Morris owned Tropical Publishing Inc. a Marketing company for 3 years before becoming the Director of Marketing for CellularOne in Florida. Accomplishments in existing as well as start up companies have been increased market share, tremendous sales gains, decreased expense percent, with improved Return on Investment. Receiving his BA in Marketing/Business in Colorado and has continued his studies by attending seminars on business and marketing yearly.

Eugene B, Sciulli PE as Sky Trains Manager of Engineering has amassed many years of hands on mechanical and construction expertise at the forefront of new and advanced technologies. Accomplishments range from the prototype design of boilers for Nuclear Submarines to the documentation of the construction of High Speed Rail Cars when GE Rail Transport acquired the Budd Co. Tasks ranging from Bearing Research Scientist to the construction of structures are common to him. As a dedicated team member Eugene constantly stresses clear definition of real and anticipated problems with attended proposed solutions, also quality production of designs with specified inspection and maintenance procedures. Presently he is contracted by New Thermal Technologies Inc. to help in the evaluation of new lines of desiccant dryers for homes and transportation equipment.

Howard Landmann is Sky Train's Aeronautical Engineer. With twenty-nine years of experience in the prediction, evaluation, and simulation of aircraft performance and flying qualities. Howard is employed by Boeing and has been with McDonnell Douglas Corporation, Sikorsky Aircraft Company, Reflectone, Incorporated, and Camber Flight Simulation, LC. At Boeing he has responsibility over a just delivered Simulator to the RAF. At Camber he was the Project Engineer of the ROFT program (Reconfigurable Operational Flight Trainer). Leading a team of 30 Engineers engaged in the design, fabrication, and test of this flight trainer. His responsibilities are to insure that all hardware and software designs meet the customer’s requirements. Previously, he started his own company to manufacture and sell a new type of golf ball retrieval machine, which he invented. He presently manages this company on a part time basis. Previously, at Reflectone with responsibilities as the Technical leader and cost account manager of 15 engineers engaged in the development of computer models which simulate the dynamic behavior of aircraft. The models produced have included Boeing 737, Boeing 747, Lockheed C-130, C-141B, C-5, Grumman EA-6B, British Aerospace Jetstream 31/32, Jetstream 41, ATP, 125-800/1000, and 146. A manager with an outstanding record of meeting budget and schedule objectives.

Howard received his Masters of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Missouri and a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn.

Karl W. Guenther Jr. as Sky Trains Resource Manager Working for and with major companies as Linvatec, Shutt Medical and Hall Surgical Divisions of ConMed, Honeywell Space Systems, Rocketdyne, Marshall Space Flight Center, Stennis Space Flight Center, Kennedy Space Flight Center. Experience ranges from circuit board construction, inertial guidance systems, main engine control computers for the space shuttle, to research and development work in the development of micro-surgery medical products. Presently working as Director of Research and Development, one of his accomplishments was the Heading of the move of Hall Medical Division from California to Florida within Budget, using only two thirds of the allotted time, and after completion, increasing the Output of the Combined Manufacturing Operation by one third.

Karl W. Guenther Jr. has responsibility as the Systems Engineer for Sky Train. Currently employed at Linvatec Division of ConMed (formerly a Bristol-Meyers Squibb Company). Now the Director of Research & Development  implemented the position of "Advanced Engineer in Design to Production" working on patents of the next generation of their product. After graduation from USF. with an Engineering degree, Karl Jr. spent six years at Honeywell Space Systems developing and building the Inertial Guidance system for the Trident II Missiles and the new generation of computer system for the Space Shuttle's Main Engine Controllers. While at Honeywell his Group won many awards including Quality and Productivity. He was selected by Corporate to Head their program "For Elimination and Reclamation of CFC's", a pollutant, at all divisions.

Bruce W. Russell, Chief Designer. Presently Employed by Baxter Healthcare as Project Engineer, Bruce has over 20 years of aircraft and mechanical design expertise: working at Advanced Technology & Research, General Dynamics, RES-NET Microwave and BWI Inex Vision Systems. Bruce was the production engineer for the Disney Monorail system’s composite construction and fabrication. Recently Bruce was the senior engineer at Hi-Tech, producing color computer video displays utilized in sport stadiums worldwide. Bruce is presently working at the Omega Resource Group as Contract Design Engineering Manager, designing flight simulators for advanced pilot training for the Blackhawk and Apache helicopters.

Dale Burch, Consultant. Dale has spent over 30 years analyzing, designing, constructing, troubleshooting, maintaining and servicing transportation systems. The past six years, Dale has been analyzing and designing systems to handle transporting a combined passenger movement and material distribution throughout major facilities in the US. Dale is thoroughly familiar with all aspects of both vertical and horizontal transportation. Dale is a licensed elevator mechanic and a certified elevator inspector. Dale currently owns, Elevator Design and Analysis, a consulting firm. Some of Dale’s recent projects include: The National Cathedral, WakeMed, UMMS, Johns Hopkins and the Medical College of Virginia.



Karl W. Guenther; CEO STC/1987


Illinois Institute of Technology (completing) MBA - Finance

Illinois Institute of Technology Bachelor of Science Engineering

University of Illinois Bachelor of Science Engineering Physics 2 years

University of Michigan - Licensed Instructor M.T.M.

American Society of Value Engineers - Officer

Communsipond Communications - Certificate

IBM - Advanced Topics - Certificate

US Army – Nike Ajax & Hercules Missiles – Chemical, Radiological, Warfare School

CAP/USAF - Completed All Core Topics & Tests - Certificates, Rank of Captain


2000 – Present President of SkyRail UK Limited in England

1995 - Present CEO of Sky Train Corporation

1997 - Present VP of Operations Landmann Manufacturing Co.

1996 - 1998 President Clearwater Bombers Non-Profit Soft Ball Teams

1992 - 1995 President Suncoast Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc.

1987 - 1994 President Suncoast Engineering/Manufacturing & Marina

1986 - 1987 General Manager Actron Engineering

1980 - 1986 Owner (President) Machinery Wholesalers of Central Florida

1972 - 1979 Materials Manager Commercial Cam/Emerson Electric

1967 - 1972 Engineering Manager Commercial Cam/Emerson Electric

Wilfred Sergeant: Vice President, Planning and Operations STC/1995


University of London, England Bachelor of Science (B. Sc. Hons. Eng.)

Member, Institution of Electrical Engineers (M.I.E.E.) (#04388571)

Member, Institution of Mechanical Engineers (M.I.Mech.E.) (#63271645)

Member, Order of Engineers of Quebec, Canada (O.I.Q.) (#027900)


1986 - Present Independent Management Consultant

1979 - 1986 Management Consultant, CANAC International Inc.

1951 - 1979 Various Management Posts, Canadian National Railways

1946 - 1951 Development Engineer, London Transport

1944 - 1946 Contracts Engineer, English Electric Company, England

1941 - 1944 Development Engineer, in a War Factory, London, England

Jose R. Danon Ph.D. PE Principal-in-Charge of Construction STC/1994


University of Illinois Ph.D. Structural Engineering

University of Illinois Master of Science CE Majored in Structures

National University, Columbia Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering

Professional Engineer: Florida (PE 0036331)

Texas (PE 49444)

California (PE 40097)

Memberships: ASCE, ACI and NSPE


1995 - present Adjunct Professor University of South Florida

1989 - present Assistant to District 7 Structures Design Engineer Florida Department of Transportation

1982 - 1989 Consultant Self Employed

1980 - 1982 Associate and Assistant to Principal-in-Charge of the Structural Technical Department KKBNA Consulting Engineers Colorado

1978 - 1980 Senior Design Engineer Caudill Rowlett & Scott (CRSS) Texas

1977 - 1978 Structural Engineer Colaco (CBM) Engineers Inc. Texas

1977 -1977 Structural Engineer Specialist Sargent & Lundy Illinois

1973 - 1977 Research and Instructor University of Illinois

1969 - 1972 Civil & Structural Engineer Colombian Government

1968 - 1969 Teaching Assistant National University, Colombia

Victor Sergeant: Vice President, Planning and Operations STC/1999


University of London, England Bachelor of Science (B. Sc. Hons. Eng.)

Member, Institution of Electrical Engineers (M.I.E.E.)

Member, Institution of Mechanical Engineers (M.I.Mech.E.)


1999 - Present Management Consultant 50% employed by GE

1986 - 2000 Chairman - Advisory Board Public Broadcasting of N W PA

1993 – 1999 Senior Systems Engineer General Electric (GE) Erie, PA
1988 – 1993 Project Engineer
1986 – 1987 Proposal Engineer
1981 - 1984 Chairman, Electrical Circuit Board
1981 – 1984 Manager Electrical Design

1970 – 1977 Chairman, British Railways Passenger Coach Committee
                                                                        British Railways Derby, England

1967 - 1977     Design Mgr. of Locomotives, Multiple Units and Coaching stock 
                                                                      B.R. CM&EE  Derby, England  

1962 – 1967 Diesel Traction Instructor British Railways, Derby, England

1961 – 1962 Senior Technical Assistant British Railways, London England
1958 – 1960 Senior Technical Assistant London Transport (Railways), London

Nancy A. Guenther: Vice President Administration STC/1988


S.P.J.C. Computer Programming, one semester from degree.

Mt. St. Joseph Academy- Major in Business

Specialized training of Restaurant Operations

Specialized training and an instructor of computerized answering services


1999 - Present - Assistant Facilities/Office Manager IMR global

1995 - Present - Vice President Administration Sky Train Corporation

1996 - 1999 - Lead Operator, Instructor, Accounts Receivable Answer Excellence Inc.

1995- 1998 - Independent Consultant QFS Art, Sale of Wholesale Art.

1982-1996 - Legal Secretary for a Local Attorneys, full time / part time.

1993-1995 - Partner and operated Looks Model Management Co. 

1980-82, 83-85 Manager Suncoast Engineering & Manufacturing Co.

1992-1993 Owned and operated Marina, wet slips, marine repair, lounge business, gas , and fuel after repossession, successful until "No Name" Storm destroyed it .

1987-1990 - Owned and operated Suncoast Marina Complex with husband

1985-1987 - Consultant Mary Kay Cosmetics, Rated 14 of 30,000 Consultants.

1982-1985 - Manager Office Complex, ten satellite offices, maintained full operation.

1980-1982 - Owned and operated Nancy's Gulf Station one of first female operated service stations in Florida.

1970-1980 - Partner Service Stations in Syracuse, NY

Budd M. R. Morris Vice President, Marketing STC/1995


Southern Colorado State College Bachelor of Arts Marketing

Southern Colorado State College Bachelor of Arts Business


1996 - Present President Internet Stock Exchange

1994 - 1995 Director of Marketing CellularOne (AT&T)

1992 - 1995 Vice President/Publisher Tropical Publishing Group, Inc.,

1965 - 1992 Vice President Marketing/Operations/Sales American Stores Co. (Jewel-Osco of Florida)

Howard Landmann Aeronautical Engineer STC/1993


University of Missouri Masters of Mechanical Engineering

Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering


2000 - Present Project Consultant Boeing Simulations

1995 - Present President Landmann Manufacturing, Inc.

1997 - 2000 Project Engineer Camber Flight Simulation LC

1984 - 1995 Engineering Manager - Flight Dynamics Reflectone, Inc.

1969 - 1984 Lead Aerodynamics Engineer McDonnell Douglas Corp.

1967 - 1969 Launch Operations Engineer The Boeing Company

1966 - 1967 Flight Test Engineer Sikorsky Aircraft Company

Eugene B. Sciulli PE Manager of Engineering STC/1995


University of Pennsylvania Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering

Villanova University Master of Arts Statistics

Professional Engineer: Florida (PE 0023443)

Texas (PE 51880)

Minnesota (PE 20404)

Certified Mechanical Contractor: Florida (CMC # 010880)

Certified General Contractor: Florida (CGC # 009153)


1981 - Present Development Consultant Mechanical & General Contracting New Thermal Technologies Inc. & Plasticool Inc. and PowerCold Corporation.

1980 - 1989 Instructor Technical Subjects St. Petersburg Jr. Collage

1972 - 1981 Self Employed Mechanical & General Contracting

1970 - 1972 Engineer of Documentation High Speed Rail Cars GE Rail Transport

1961 - 1970 Engineer Navigation & Control Devices GE Aerospace

1952 - 1960 Scientist Bearing Research Franklin Institute Laboratories

1950 - 1952 Engineer Prototype Marine Boiler Evaluation National Boat & Turbine Laboratories - Philadelphia Naval Yard

Military Heavy Equipment Maintenance & Repair Officer Australia

Karl W. Guenther Jr. Systems Engineer STC/1988


University of South Florida Masters of Science Engineering Management - Current

University of South Florida Bachelor of Science in Engineering


1998 - Present Director Research and Development Linvatec (ConMed Corporation)

1994 - 1998 Group Operations Manager Linvatec (Bristol-Meyers Squibb Co.)

1992 - 1994 Advanced Engineer in Design and Production Linvatec (B.M.S.)

1986 - 1992 Design Engineer Honeywell Space Systems

1984 - 1986 Production Engineer Memcor Div., E-Systems Inc.

Bruce W. Russell Designer/Production Engineer STC/1993


Black Hawk College Engineering and Design Technology

John Deere & Company Geometric Tolorancing & Computer vision CAD program

St. Petersburg Junior College AutoCad & Computer Science


2002 - Present Contract Project Engineer Baxter Healthcare Division.

2000 - 2002 Omega Resource Group Contract Design Engineering Manager, Flight simulators for advanced pilot training for the Blackhawk and Apache helicopters.

1996 - 1999 Senior Project Engineer Hi-Tech Electronic Displays Inc.

1994 - 1996 Mechanical Designer BWI Inex Vision Systems, Inc.

1993 - 1994 Designer RES-NET Microwave

1991 - 1993 Senior Engineering Technician General Dynamics

1988 - 1991 Production Engineer Advanced Technology & Research (ATR)