Superior Technology Concepts (STC)

This technology is a leading edge concept that saves considerable energy using modern transportation system components. Most importantly, it operates outside normal corridors of transportation without interfering with the many obstacles normally present when operating at ground level. Additionally, the cost of implementing transportation systems in an already congested corridor incurs high acquisition costs and towering construction time and rates. Compared to STC's Sky Train, it travels above and beyond interference of the laws that restrict innovation and the issues associated with crowded transportation corridors.

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The Company’s staff consists of full and part time engineers,  researchers as well as business development, sales and marketing personnel. At this time, approximately twenty man-years of research, sales and development have been invested in this project. Expanded resumes and dates of participation are on a web page found at

Each Group link below contains Associates categorized by function performed for Sky Train's continued technology advancement.

Manufacturing & Development Team for Plant & Energy Initiatives

Key Construction Implementation Participants

Collaborative Team for Technology Development & Grants

Shareholders and Contributors

LCRR and Florida Live Steamers 80 member Builder Group

The staff is compiled of special designers and builders of SKY TRAIN products who have worked for many decades along with other contributors on the proliferation of advanced transportation technology and understanding helping the world in so many different ways.

Executive Vice President Global Business Development

- Jefferson  C. Knott -  



    President, Museum Of Science and Industry  (MOSI) -  Wit Ostrenko, Guest at MOSI meeting by Sky Train.  President Wit Ostrenko, of MOSI is  not-for-profit, community-based institution and educational resource that is dedicated to advancing public interest, knowledge, and understanding of science, industry, and technology. Wit is also the Past President of the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) an organization of science centers and museums dedicated to furthering the public understanding of science among increasingly diverse audiences. ASTC now numbers more than 540 members in 40 countries.


Basically in this world there are two types of people to work with in building a better world. Constructionist or Demolitionists.  Which are you?




















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