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This technology is a leading edge concept that saves considerable energy using modern transportation system components. Most importantly, it operates outside normal corridors of transportation without interfering with the many obstacles normally present when operating at ground level. Additionally, the cost of implementing transportation systems in an already congested corridor incurs high acquisition costs and towering construction time and rates. Compared to STC's Sky Train, it travels above and beyond interference of the laws that restrict innovation and the issues associated with crowded transportation corridors.

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Summary - STC International  has developed an Overhead Suspended Light Rail System model which is applauded  by all by all who view the technology displayed and is now ready to advance to the specific design and construction of this system on a 74 acre site at Florida's Museum Of Science and Industry Campus (MOSI). This system includes an arrangement of stationary hydrogen fuel cells stacks which charge capacitor banks used to flash charge the vehicle's on board battery system as it arrives at each station. Additionally, motors on board, during  braking, become generators to also regenerate energy and feed into the on board power supply.  

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