Superior Technology Concepts (STC)

This technology is a leading edge concept that saves considerable energy using modern transportation system components. Most importantly, it operates outside normal corridors of transportation without interfering with the many obstacles normally present when operating at ground level. Additionally, the cost of implementing transportation systems in an already congested corridor incurs high acquisition costs and towering construction time and rates. Compared to STC's Sky Train, it travels above and beyond interference of the laws that restrict innovation and the issues associated with crowded transportation corridors.

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r their work towards developing new and innovating technologies to increase the efficiency and safety of our transportation network. I hope that you will give their proposal every consideration as you move forward in your decision making process.

Getting Started with a basic knowledge of advanced Sky Train ST 100 features and benefits. 

Special features and benefits of Sky Train ST 100 design.

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  A.  Multi purpose Transportation System

Sky Train as a passenger Vehicle.



Sky Train as a cargo transport.

B.  Monorail Transportation & Land Use


Safety – Grade separated, cannot derail - no traffic accidents


Reliability – Proven “track” record - high capacity


Natures Fury – Reliable evacuation service over floods and high winds, monorail does not require drainage features


Speed – Designed for any required speed no traffic congestion


Environment – No fences separating lands no rights of way at grade, no children & animals on tracks, minimal pollution, no carbon footprint.


Cost – Minimal land occupancy & utility relocation at grade, capacity more then 9 lanes of roadway, competitive fares

     Sky Train,  the Simplicity and Economy of Available Standard Components yet has 63 approved patent claims utilized on three of our systems.



  1. Structure & electronics overhead, avoiding delays and damage by floods 

  2. Excellent for evacuation, rescue and re-supply of victims from above

  3. Can carry lightning protection of components and mount street lights  

  4. Operates in high winds, shifting sands, cannot derail


  1. High speeds on curves with excellent passenger comfort  

  2. C. Ground directed views for security, shopping and sightseeing  

  3. Designed for best energy use, solar powered with regenerative storage capability  

  4. Short distance for Inter modal passenger transfer 

  5. Level entry for speedy boarding, baggage transfer, bicycles &  handicapped

  6. This modified rail system; can use modern components and trained staff

  7. Mature automation systems, safety, low cost and long service times Interchangeable or dual use for freight in off hours.


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