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This technology is a leading edge concept that saves considerable energy using modern transportation system components. Most importantly, it operates outside normal corridors of transportation without interfering with the many obstacles normally present when operating at ground level. Additionally, the cost of implementing transportation systems in an already congested corridor incurs high acquisition costs and towering construction time and rates. Compared to STC's Sky Train, it travels above and beyond interference of the laws that restrict innovation and the issues associated with crowded transportation corridors.

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Summary - In 1986, starting in the Guenther’s Marina Complex, consisting of fisheries (including Wholesale Retail outlet), Seafood Restaurant, Marine Dry Storage and repair also including a Design and Build machining operation (Suncoast Engineering with military and medical certifications) they started designing an overhead boat carrying device connecting salt and freshwater communities over several roads in Hernando County Florida USA.

STC International  has developed an Overhead Suspended Light Rail System model which is applauded  by all who view the technology in operation. It is now ready to advance to the specific design and construction of this system on a 74 acre site at Florida's Museum Of Science and Industry Campus (MOSI). This system will use an existing Solar Array which will charge capacitor banks used to flash charge the vehicle's on board battery capacitor system as it arrives at each station. Additionally, motors on board during  braking, become generators to feed energy back into the on board power supply. In  August 2008 STC began using funding from a Department Of Energy Grant to start this design process on a new Power Accumulator Transfer System. Findings have encouraged a recent submission to the National Science Foundation that will involve a power grooming system design reducing energy consumption and pollution from existing ship cranes at seaports.

Testimonials on Sky Train from UNIVERSITIES:

November 25, 2008 In a Press Release from the The Florida Solar Energy Center at the University of Central Florida entitled "FSEC to Support Solar-Powered Monorail System Development" they detail their collaborative renewable energy grant with Sky Train Corporation. The monorail is described as "A more sustainable form of transportation...designed to move people and freight high above traffic congestion." The monorail is slated to be built at the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa, Florida "as a demonstration model to showcase the nation's leadership and dedication to energy-efficient public transportation."

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January 3, 2008  Letter from Judith Lombana Ed.D, Vice President of Research (MOSI) to Karl Guenther CEO Sky Train International.

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January 2, 2008 Letter from Trent M. Molter, Research Scientist,  The University of Connecticut to Karl Guenther CEO STC- International.

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October 2007, Bob Reedy from the Florida Solar Energy Center to Mr. Mack at the Florida Energy Office. "This letter expresses the interests that the Florida Energy Center administered by the University of Central Florida, has in a project to promote renewable energy technology in Florida. It further agreed to participate in this concept now funded by the Department Of Energy."

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December 23, 2007  WEDU is the largest publicly funded television station in Florida and produces its own documentaries for educational and informational purposes serving the public.  In their letter Larry Jopek states: "WEDU Public TV in Tampa, FL  would be delighted to produce (STC's documentary) and act as the PBS presenting station and as distributor for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Substation "Sky Train: A Solar and Hydrogen Fueled Mass Transportation System", upon its funding completion. We are confident that it will be a program of quality, integrity and value for the PBS viewing audience…. We are excited about making this informative program and bring it to the PBS audience. We believe that your project represents an excellent match with WEDU and PBS, its mission, and its standards, and we look forward to working with you to see it to fruition. Sincerely, Larry Jopek Vice President of Marketing and Community Partnerships WEDU

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February 19, 2007 Letter from John Hanson, Director - Technical Knowledge Portal, University of Connecticut to Francis Knize, Director of Sales for STC International.

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